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DriverBackup : Create Backup Copy of System Drivers

Driver Backup is free tool to create a single backup package of all the drivers of your system. As we all know downloading drivers is one of the most pathetic thing you may need to do in case of system failure.

We never know where we have kept the driver CD of our computer, and some people does not even have the driver CD as sometimes the manufacturer do not give the driver CD at the time of computer purchase. So, if you don’t want to face this situation of searching for drivers in the emergency situation you should backup your drivers with Driver Backup


With Driver Backup you can make the copy of all the drivers which are currently installed on your computer, you don’t even need to install Driver Backup for taking the backup of all your drivers. Simply unzip the program to any folder and execute the program by clicking the Start Backup to start the backup for all the drivers you selected.

Let’s see how can you use Driver Backup to backup your drivers

DriverBackup is completely FREE utility to back up all the drivers on your computer. It not only creates backup but you can also restore from your backups  you had created with Driver Backup


Features of Driver Backup

  • Driver Backup is completely portable
  • Create Single Backup for all the folders
  • Restore the Backup with Driver Backup
  • Create Backup for OEM Drivers
  • You can also run Driver Backup from command line

Download DriverBackup

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