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Mount Online Storage Spaces As Virtual Drive On Your Computer

Gladinet is FREE tool which lets you mount various online storage spaces like Windows Live Spaces, Google Docs, Google Picasa and Amazon Storage Drives as virtual drive on your computer.


Gladinet saves you from the messing us with your browser to open these online storage services and then upload your files by using the browser dialog, Gladinet on the other hand makes you feel like these online storage services folders are on your local hard disk.

By providing these online storage services as virtual drives it becomes very easy to upload, change and delete files from these online storage spaces

Let’s see how can configure and mount the online storage spaces as virtual drive on your computer

1. Run Gladinet and click on the second link on the gladinet interface which says:

Mount Disk Storage or Web Storage As Virtual Directory      


2. Now Select the online storage space first in Service Provider from the list including

Disk Storage, Google Docs, Google Picasa, Windows Live Spaces

3. Now enter the username and password required to mount that online storage service which you have selected and click the Add button.


4. That’s it, similarly you can configure other online storage drives.

Note: This will create a virtual drive under my computer called resources which in my case I have renamed to GoogleDrive 

After running Gladinet, it will load in the system tray from where you can control all the other features like adding more virtual drives, or managing the existing virtual drives.


When ever you want to change any thing, you need to right click on the gladinet system tray icon in the taskbar.

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