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Copy anything to your clipboard with out formatting with Clipboard Fusion


Have you ever feel the need to copy some text from an application like Microsoft Word or a Web Page etc. with out any formatting ?

Normally when you copy some text from one application to another the main problem arises because of the formatting of the text you copy is not removed. A Free application called ClipboardFusion makes this possible for you.


What is ClipboardFusion ?

ClipboardFusion is a small freeware nifty application which sits in your system tray and monitors your clipboard and when ever it finds any text in the windows clipboard it will srub ( “clean” ) that text, to remove all formatting.

Let see some more ClipboardFusion offers in features.

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Password Protect your files with Norton Secret Stuff


Did you feel the need to password protect any documents, pictures or any other file while sharing them with your friends.


Norton Secret Stuff allows you to encrypt and password protect any file on windows which you can share with anyone via Email, through pen drives or cd’s etc.

It creates secure self extracting password protected executable files which can be sent to any one and can be decrypted with out using any software, the intended recipient of the files needs to know the password only in order to decrypted the file.

Let’s see how can we use Norton Secret Stuff to encrypt

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Make your pen drive bootable with MakeBootable


Many times, when you are facing a critical windows problem and you need the bootable cd urgently to repair your windows but some how you don’t get it.

MakeBootable is a free software which lets you convert your pen drive into a  bootable media, After making your pen drive bootable with makebootable you can use your pen drive like a windows xp bootable cd.

Makebootable is so easy to use, as it make your normal USB pen drive a bootable media in one click.


But there is a limitation, you will need to format your pen drive with fat file system in order to make your device bootable.

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Lock and Hide your USB drive contents with a password with Lockngo


Did you ever feel the need of protecting your pen drive with a password, here is the utility which lets you do this called Lockngo

Lockngo is a removable media protection software

You can download the demo version of Lockngo which lets you hide files on your removable drive for free but you cannot set the password protection over your files on your portable drive in the free version of Lockngo.


Lockngo handles the data that is stored in the removable media in a way that makes it IMPOSSIBLE to retrieve even by using hacker’s low level raw reading utilities – it is that simple!

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Convert your documents into pdf for free with dopdf converter

Many times we feel the need to convert our word documents , excel documents or even images to convert into a pdf document.

Now you can easily convert any of your documents to pdf documents for FREE by a freeware called doPDF.

doPDF is free for both personal and commercial use, but in order to covert your documents into pdf document, you need to fire the print command and then select doPDF printer to convert and save them as .pdf files.



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Hide all the opened windows with a keyboard shortcut

One of our reader asked us "How can I hide opened windows in win XP with a keyboard shortcut".

But why to hide opened Windows?

  • The answer is quite simple as one may want to hide opened applications like Orkut, IM messengers etc just when his boss arrived to his/her seat.
  • Even you may have an application running or web site opened which contains or display your private confidential data.

We had searched for different free applications on the web and found few of them really cool and worth mentioning to the readers after testing them all.

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Disabling IPv6 Secures your Network [Guest Post by ajay pathak]

Running unnecessary services and programs on your windows or any operating system makes it more vulnerable for cyber attacks. Best example is IPv6. Most people don’t know what is IPv6? IPv6 is by default enable in Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008. Until and unless you are using IPv6 features, it’s better to turn off IPv6 on Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008.

If you are not using IPv6 features it’s better to turn it off. Its very east to turn off IPv6. Open registry editor:

Type "regedit" in run prompt.
Search for "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Tcpip6\Parameters\ "

When you find this registry key "create a DWORD value named DisabledComponents and set the value to 0xffffffff"
If in near future you want to enable IPv6 just change the value to 0.

This post has been contributed by Ajay Pathak from Readerszone. Thanks Ajay for this post!

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Drop shadow outlining all the edges of your screenshot with winsnap but not possible with snagit

We have been using SnagIt for a long time now, also quite addicted to the great features it offers.

But, We miss one of the aspiring feature of dropping a shadow effect outlining all the edges of the screenshot captured.

Does it sound confusing?

See the images below to know more…