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Download Windows 7 Official Beta & Windows 7 Beta Key

Windows 7 Official Beta has been released by microsoft now, everyone is trying to get a key and download link to either 32 bit or 64 bit version on windows 7.

But if you try to download Windows 7 Official Beta you may not get it very easily so we are going to share the direct download links to both Windows 7 32bit ad Windows 7 64bit ( you can use these links with your download managers )

Direct Download Links Windows 7 Official Beta

Here are the Direct download links from Microsoft Servers for Windows 7 beta (build 7000.0.081212) both 32-bit and 64-bit versions:

Windows 7 Beta (x86) Direct Download Link( 32bit ):


Windows 7 Beta (x64) Direct Download Link( 64bit ):


Here is how you can get the key for windows 7 official beta from microsoft.

Get Windows 7 Official Beta Key

1. Go to, Login with your windows live id.

2. Go to  ( make sure you are singed in )

3. Now copy and paste one of the following links into your browser.

For Windows 7 Beta 32-bit Activation Key:

For Windows 7 Beta 64-bit Activation Key:

Note:  You can get 5 unique keys for a live id with which you are login with for both 64 bit and 32 bit editions.

If you don’t get Windows 7 Beta 32 bit keys then try to get Windows 7 Beta 64 bit keys as they will also work for 32 bit setup 🙂 There are only 2.5 million keys available get your free key now.

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Hide Name In Start Menu In Windows

Hide Name In Start Menu is another free utility by intelliadmin which lets you hide your name on the windows start menu at the top in windows xp

Start-Menu-With-Name Start-Menu -Without-Name

As Shown in the screenshot above you can see one with user name not hidden in the start menu and the second snapshot does not have the start menu text as username.

There are two methods with which you can remove or hide your name in start menu.

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Clear Run History In Windows

We all use windows run prompt to launch various windows utilities like command prompt, msconfig but whenever we type a command in run prompt it gets saved in Windows as Run History as Run MRU (Most Recently Used) List.

Many of my friends gets annoyed to see recently typed commands in windows run as they do not want others to see what they had typed in run.


Today, we will tell you all the ways to clear run prompt history in Windows XP and Vista.

There two methods to clear the windows run history, the first method is via windows registry to clear windows run and second method involves a free utility MRU Blaster which lets you clear windows run history

Let’s discuss both of these methods to clear the recently typed commands in run

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Boot In Safe Mode Without Pressing F8 Key

Recently one of my friend asked me how can he reboot his computer in safe mode without pressing the F8 key at the time of booting which is normally required fro booting windows in safe mode.

Some times there could be a case when you may not want to press the F8 key or even if you press the F8 key your key your system does not boot in Safe Mode as the F8 key on your keyboard may malfunction and also pressing F8 key on the right time is also important to boot into safe mode while booting.


You must be wondering what is safe mode you may heard it, may not know the actual meaning, here it is.

What is Safe Mode?

Safe Mode is a special way to load windows in the troubleshooting mode so that you can repair the problem that might be caused after a software installation and any other problem related to windows. In Safe Mode windows does not run autoexec.bat and config.sys files including most of the device drivers are not loaded so that you can uninstall the device and its drivers which is causing the issue.

Today, I will tell you how to boot your computer automatically in safe mode with out pressing safe mode at the time of booting your computer.

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Launch Programs, Shutdown or Hibernate When Your Computer Becomes Idle

Idle Monitor is a FREE programs which will monitor your computer idle time based on the mouse movements. It can shutdown your computer if left attended for X minutes which you can specify.

Other than shutdown, Idle monitor can either run some specified program when your computer becomes idle.


You can set the idle time in minutes, and specify the program which you want to run if your computer is idle for x minutes.

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How To Enable Scrollbar In Gtalk To See All Online Friends

Everyone Loves gtalk, I can say on part at least, because from the time I have started using it. I found Gtalk a good and lightweight chat client as compared to the flashy and full of ads yahoo messenger. Gtalk on the other hand is the most clean chat client with out any ads and sufficient number of features required.

But one of feature I always wanted to see in gtalk is to see all of my friends online in one go, but in order to find out whether a gtalk contact is online you need to type the name of the contact in the search bar of firefox.


So, In order to know whether a friend is online, I need to type the name of the friend, I know typing is fun but not always.

Then I found out another feature already embedded in gtalk which allow me to enable scrollbar in gtalk, with this scrollbar I can move the scrollbar up and down to see the all those friends online in one single go.

Let’s see how can be enable scrollbar in gtalk

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Remove Invalid Entries From Add Remove Program List

It happens some times when you try to remove a specific program installed on your windows computer by running uninstall through Add Remove Programs in Control Panel but you cannot remove the program instead it remains there in the add remove programs list and you cannot remove it.


So you delete the associated files and directories of that program but still it remains there in the Add Remove Programs Entries as an invalid entry

Today we will tell you two methods to remove those invalid entries from add remove programs list, first one is a geeky way out and second one is quite simple with a free utility.

Lets see how can you apply these methods to remove invalid entries from add remove program list

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Clear Search Bar History In Firefox In One Go For All Items

Firefox is one of the amazing browsers which I have seen till now, another cool feature is the integrated firefox search bar which is again a powerful and easy to use component to search web through popular search engines like Google, Wikipedia, Yahoo and Answers etc.


The simplest way to clear the search bar history in firefox is by clicking inside the search bar and press the down arrow key to navigate the item which is to be deleted from the list and then press delete key to erase the specific item form the search bar history list


But what if you want to delete the entire search bar history in one go or you can say deleting all the items in the search bar history of firefox

Let’s see how can clean the search bar history of firefox without any software