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Remove ‘Shortcut’ Text While Creating A Shortcut On Desktop In Vista

One of the annoying things in vista while creating a shortcut on desktop is firstly it add a arrow to the shortcut and a shortcut text at the end of the shortcut name.

Shortcuts without shortcut text


Shortcuts with shortcut text


As shown in the image above when ever you create a desktop shortcut in vista it will add the shortcut text after the name of the shortcut as a suffix. We has already written about how can you remove the shortcut arrow on the shortcuts in vista.

Today we will tell you how to avoid appending of shortcut text on shortcut through a simple registry hack.

Follow the procedure to apply the registry hack to remove shortcut text

1. Open Start Menu >> Run and type regedit and press Enter

2. Navigate to the following path


3. In the right pane there will be a registry key named link

4. Double click to change the value to 00 00 00 00

5. Exit Registry and Restart your computer

After restart there will be no shortcut text appended to the new shortcuts you create and If by any chance you want to revert back you can follow the same procedure mentioned above and set the value to 15 00 00 00  

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