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Desktop Shortcut – Create Power Shortcuts In XP, Vista and Windows 7

Desktop Shortcut is a FREE power management tool which lets you create some useful shortcuts on your desktop easily.

We have previously posted about how to create desktop shortcut for Shutdown, Restart and Hibernate, but Desktop Shortcut allows you to create these shortcuts very easily just by selecting the shortcuts you need through the program interface.


There are 21 different type of desktop shortcuts you can create including these given below.

Shortcuts For Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 

  • Desktop Shortcut to Shutdown Computer
  • Desktop Shortcut to Restart Computer
  • Desktop Shortcut to Hibernate Computer
  • Desktop Shortcut to Eject optical Drive
  • Desktop Shortcut to Lock Computer
  • Close Firefox with Shortcut
  • Close Internet Explorer with Shortcut
  • Shortcut to Log Off Signed on User
  • Show Desktop Shortcut
  • Switch Off Monitor with Shortcut

Shortcuts For Vista, Windows 7 

  • Desktop Shortcut for Vista, Windows 7
  • Shortcut to Suspend Computer
  • Desktop Shortcut to Mute Master Volume
  • Shortcut to Mute / Un-Mute Master Volume
  • Decrease Volume with Shortcut
  • Increase Volume with Shortcut

More over you can add any of these power shortcuts to desktop right click menu, so you can also run any of these commands just by right clicking on desktop and select the action.

Download Desktop Shortcut

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