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Desktop Shortcut | Keyboard Hotkey To Mute Sound

It happens many time when you were listening to your favourite songs on your computer and suddenly some one just enters your room, you need to mute the sound instantly or it could some another reason for you to mute the sound immediately.

Today, we will tell you all the ways to mute the sound of your computer instantly, it could done be either with a small software or with some simple scripts you can place on your desktop or even with some keyboard hotkey shortcut.

There has been different methods with different operating system like windows xp, vista and windows 7

Let’s start discussing all of them one by one

Geeky Way To Mute Sound ( Works with Windows XP only )

This trick works with windows xp only, you will need to create a VBScript which you can either place on your desktop or store it any where on your hard disk and create a desktop shortcut for it.

1. Open Notepad and copy paste the following code written below

set oShell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")"Sndvol32"
WScript.Sleep 1500
oShell.SendKeys"{TAB 2} "

2. Save it as Mute-Sound.vbs, either place it on desktop or create a desktop shortcut for the same.

Easy To Way To Mute Sound  ( Works with XP, Vista and Windows 7 )

In this method you would need to first download a free utility called nircmd from here 

Extract the executable from the download zip file any where on your hard disk, now create a desktop shortcut to the exe pointing to the path where you have stored nircmd.exe

1. Right click on empty area on your desktop and select New >> Shortcut

2. Copy the path pointing to nircmd.exe in the target box of the shortcut

C:\Target Path\nircmd.exe mutesysvolume 2

For Example

C:\bin\nircmd.exe mutesysvolume 2


3. Name the desktop shortcut as mute sound or any other name you want to set.

Note: The same shortcut can used to turn on the sound, so this shortcut will work as toggle music.

You can define the keyboard hotkey for these desktop shortcut you create by right clicking the desktop shortcut and select properties.


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