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Firstly I would like to applogise to all the readers ofร‚ย  Technix Update, This blog had been getting down frequently for long times in last 24 hours.

Time Stamp: 11:00 pm 1st April 2009 ( Night)

This all started when I wrote a post on 40+ computer pranks you can play on your friend computer,ร‚ย  and send the post to stumbleupon and digg and with in one hour traffic start building up and make the situtaion worse by flooding the site with more traffic.

Time Stamp: 10:00 am 2nd april 2009

I also had some other sites on the same account which were also getting good amount of traffic with Technix Update, due to which site server went down. I got a notice from the hosting account that your site has caused our shared server to get down twice a day, please remove your site from this shared account or upgrade to $40 VPS account.

As per the revenue in overall I generate I can afford the VPS account charges, but as I have never tried or used VPS servers till now I was quite not sure to move to VPS. So, I decided to move the blog to a good bandwidth account at hostgator. By this time my hosting has suspended on my account, but all other sites on my account were up and running

Time Stamp: 12:00 pm 2nd april 2009

Now, the next thing was to request my hosting to unsuspend So, that I can take the backup which they responsded quickly. I started taking the backup of database first with PhpMyAdmin as my host did not support SSH access with which backing the database could have been simple.

I took the database backup through PhpMyAdmin by exporting the current db by exporting the my sql db as long Insert query, which i tested many times and failed to import. I was making a mistake by not selecting the final sql file as gzipped due to which size of the sql exported every time was high and not all the queries added for creating all the previous tables, I am planning to make a post on the same soon then i would tell the problem and solution in detail.

Time Stamp: 8:00 pm 2nd april 2009

Finally after all the mess I was able to make site up and running on the new server, I hope things work out well here, although seen some downtime due to some server issues at the new server of HostGator on the first day after moving, Lets see how it goes further.

PS: From all this I learned a a lot and came to know about the correct way of taking the sql backup through PhpMyAdmin, when your hosting does not allow SSH access, will share that in a post.

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every struggle leaves a learning behind ! Like a flood sweeps away everything but leave fertile land behind !
i am getting too philosophical ๐Ÿ˜‰
Good Work !

I’m glad everything is working well for you now. Moving hosts can be a pain. I’ve moved three times since January, which is nice because it was all traffic related, but not so nice because it can be a lot of work!

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