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Add Caption Text / Watermark Automatically To Images Captured With Snagit

I have been using snagit for more than 2 years now, but never figured out previously that I can actually add custom text or created watermark automatically to all the images captured with snagit. 🙂

Snagit offers a great feature called custom profiles with which you can specify a fixed custom caption text, watermark, image border, color correction, image scaling and various other effects to be applied on the snapshots automatically which you capture with snagit.


Adding custom text or watermark is also required these days as there are lot of spammers who will copy your images from your post and use them without any credit link for the same, even in some cases they will copy entire post from your blog feed with image without any link back.

Let’s discuss how can you add custom text to images captured by snagit automatically

1. Open Snagit, select the type of capture including Region, Window, Full Screen etc.

2. Now, select the Effects >> Caption


3. Now, click the caption under effects and select caption clicked effect from the sub menu

4. Set the default text you want to set with all the images captured with snagit.


5. You can click Caption Settings to change the look and feel and position of custom text on your image and after configuring everything click ok

6. Now, you will need to save the custom profile now with the new effect you just configured.


7. After clicking the save icon you will see this message prompt saying overwrite region, click Yes.


8. That’s it, now any screen shot you take with snagit will contain the text.

If you are wondering non of the images in this post will contain caption text or watermark then you should know these images are taken with free trial of a screenshot program.

I am inspired to make post on this simple but useful trick after seeing the snapshots by NirmalTV on Life Rocks 2.0 thanks Nirmal 🙂

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