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Free All In One Video Downloader

aTube a free all in one video downloader which lets you download videos from the some most famous video sites like youtube, dailymotion, CrunhyRoll, Orange, MySpace, Google Video and list goes on with hell lot of more sites.

However aTube comes with some adware toolbar which we recommend not to install so as to not getting annoyed by ads and pop ups. We will tell you the step by step procedure on how to clean install aTube with out any ads or toolbar with pop ups.


With aTube video downloader you can even convert the downloading FLV to any other format and install the optional Flash Player comes with aTube at the time.

Step by Step Installation of aTube Catcher Without Ads and Ad Toolbar

1. Start the installation of aTube, under additional actions uncheck all the checkboxes.


2. After the installation is finished it will show another window which asks you to install P2P Max Toolbar which we recommend you should not install.


Uncheck the first text box which says Install P2P Max Toolbar and click Next.

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