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Terminate Programs Forcefully In Windows

There are large number of programs which get started and running every time you start windows, but many of these programs are not actually useful, on the other hand these irrelevant programs uses some critical amount of memory and CPU usage which in turn makes other useful application respond slowly.

So, Every time you start windows you need to terminate these useless programs through task manager which is quite pain full as you need to locate each program one by one to kill the specific process. This was happening with me from a long time until I thought of a simple hack to end all these useless process in single mouse click.


Firstly let me tell you what were all those process which were useless to me.

1. mobsync.exe – It is a process for Internet Explorer which provide synchronization the offline pages with the matching online pages.

2. ctfmon.exe – It keeps running in the background and monitors the active windows and provides text input service support for speech recognition, handwriting recognition, keyboard, translation etc.

3.wmpnscfg.exe – It is used to alert users when a new media device is found on the network. This program is associated with windows media player and it gets started automatically on windows startup.

and some other programs like yahoo messenger tray icon etc.

Lets see how I automated the killing of these programs on windows startup.

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Desktop Shortcut To Restart Hanged Windows Explorer

It happens many times when windows explorer goes un-responding due to many reasons, in that case in order to recover the hanged state easily you can terminate and restart windows explorer through task manager.


But restarting windows explorer will take some time, another way to restart windows explorer easily as faster is by creating a desktop shortcut to restart window explorer, but you may not be able to click this shortcut in case of severe hang situation of windows explorer, at that point of time restarting windows explorer through task manager will work.

Let’s discuss both of these ways to restart windows explorer.

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Hide Files and Folder In USB Portable Drive For Free

Hiding your private files and folders could be very important when you don’t want others to see files on your pen drive, on the other hand some people may not like others to use their USB  pen drive.

Today we will share a simple trick which can make your drive contents invisible including all files and folders and will also make your drive write protected so that no one can add further files on your pen drive.


The whole process of hiding files and folders on your drive involves the use of a small third party program which is free to use, and a small command you need to run from command prompt.

Let’s discuss the trick, I hope you like this trick of hiding contents on your USB Drive.

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Clean/Delete Msconfig Unchecked Entries

Msconfig is cool tool integrated in windows which lets you enable or disable startup items from the list of programs and services which run automatically at windows startup.

After disabling some startup programs they remain in the list as unchecked items in msconfig startup list, you can delete the unchecked entries of all the disabled items.


In order to delete the list of disabled items in msconfig you can have several methods to do it. You can either delete the list of disabled items using free msconfig clean up tool or you can play delete the list of disabled items in msconfig through registry.

So, if you don’t want to play with registry follow the first simple method (For Layman’s) or if you want to learn something about the registry then follow the second method (For Geeks)

Let’s find out how to delete the disabled items in msconfig through both of these methods explained below.

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Single Shortcut To Launch Multiple Programs

There could be some programs on your computer which you use quite often in your day to day work, so you may have the shortcuts for all these programs which you click one by one when to launch them.


However you can tweak a little to launch all these programs in one time double click or via single shortcuts as compared to clicking different shortcuts to launch these programs.

Yet again there are two ways to do this one is the geeky way out with which you don not need any additional software to do this and other is by using a free utility called Utility Launcher

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Shortcut To Eject and Close CD/DVD Drive

Ejection of CD or DVD some times becomes tiring action as you need to physically press the button on the CD/DVD writer or reader to open the tray and then to close the tray also in some of the CD/DVD writer or reader.

Today, We will tell you how can you create shortcuts to eject and close the CD/DVD Tray and we will also share some FREE utilities which do the eject and close the CD/DVD Tray any time.   


By Default Windows vista allows you to easily eject the CD/DVD Drive by right clicking the CD/DVD drive and select Eject in the context menu. But there is no Close Tray option to close the CD/DVD tray. But you add the option to close the tray using CloseTray.

In order to add the option Close Tray in the right click context menu follow the procedure given below.

1. Download and extract it.

2. Double-click closetray.reg to add it to registry.


Note: It may require restart for the settings to come into effect 

If you want to create desktop shortcut to eject or close CD/DVD drive tray then there are hell lot of ways to do that.

Lets discuss all of them one by one and some other utilities for the same purpose.

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Shutdown Your Computer Faster In One Click

After we are done with our work on our computer we want it to shutdown less effort and as faster as it can be. Today we will tell you all the ways not only to shutdown, restart or hibernate your computer faster in single click of the mouse.

Shutdown is a simple tool which lets you turn off your computer in single click.


This utility gets installed and creates a shortcut on your desktop to run it and shutdown your computer, this shutdown utility runs a basic command in windows again but it asks to close if there are any running applications.

Download Shutdown

So, you can also create a shutdown shortcut on your desktop which will run the same command with which you can shutdown your computer in single click.