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Desktop Shortcut – Create Power Shortcuts In XP, Vista and Windows 7

Desktop Shortcut is a FREE power management tool which lets you create some useful shortcuts on your desktop easily.

We have previously posted about how to create desktop shortcut for Shutdown, Restart and Hibernate, but Desktop Shortcut allows you to create these shortcuts very easily just by selecting the shortcuts you need through the program interface.


There are 21 different type of desktop shortcuts you can create including these given below.

Shortcuts For Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 

  • Desktop Shortcut to Shutdown Computer
  • Desktop Shortcut to Restart Computer
  • Desktop Shortcut to Hibernate Computer
  • Desktop Shortcut to Eject optical Drive
  • Desktop Shortcut to Lock Computer
  • Close Firefox with Shortcut
  • Close Internet Explorer with Shortcut
  • Shortcut to Log Off Signed on User
  • Show Desktop Shortcut
  • Switch Off Monitor with Shortcut
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Remove ‘Shortcut’ Text While Creating A Shortcut On Desktop In Vista

One of the annoying things in vista while creating a shortcut on desktop is firstly it add a arrow to the shortcut and a shortcut text at the end of the shortcut name.

Shortcuts without shortcut text


Shortcuts with shortcut text


As shown in the image above when ever you create a desktop shortcut in vista it will add the shortcut text after the name of the shortcut as a suffix. We has already written about how can you remove the shortcut arrow on the shortcuts in vista.

Today we will tell you how to avoid appending of shortcut text on shortcut through a simple registry hack.

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Convert Bitmap Image To HTML Files With ASCII Characters

Asciimilator is a free application which lets you convert any bitmap to cool looking html files that use ASCII characters to represent the bitmap pixels.


It uses a combination of black and white color to give the over all contrast of the original picture being converted.

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Open CD/DVD Tray On Mouse Double Click – NS Eject CD

NS Eject CD is small useful utility which opens CD / DVD tray on mouse double click.


This small utility can save some time of URS juggling with physical button to open your CD / DVD recorder in your laptop and desktop.

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Play Photo Scramble With Any Picture Scramble

Any Picture Scramble lets you create and play scramble puzzles with any image you want to, you can create a photo scramble of your loved ones or your favourite scenery.


It could be great fun by scrambling the pictures of your loved ones or you can scramble any family photo and try to unscramble it to solve the puzzle.

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Merge Pictures Together

Merge two pictures could be real fun and produce a great effect while viewing, the over all transparent and overlay effect make both the images visible to some extent and both the image got merged together in a beautiful way.

But, why would any one want to merge two images? it could be for fun and also for merging two different type of maps together.

There are two free program which can merge images together, first one is called S_Merge which is very easy to use program unless you follow the clear instructions provided by the program interface itself.


It also lets you preview the final merged image and you can also save a cropped portion of the final merged image you obtain.

Download S_Merge

The second software which lets you merge images together is STG Picture Merge which is again more easy to use as compared to S_Merge.


You just need to load the first and second image one by one to obtain the final merged images, moreover you can preview the image before saving and can also control the transparency effect.

Download STG Picture Merge

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Chameleon – Make Windows Transparent

Chameleon is a FREE program which allows you make selected opened windows transparent.

It allows you to customize and add the chosen opened windows which you want to make transparent with Chameleon. You can also hide the group of programs which you can select to hide automatically on pressing ctrl+win key.


It allows you to select programs windows under the hide group which you want to make transparent and hide from other. You can control over the level of transparency which you apply on the programs under Hide Group.