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Move Recycle Bin To System Tray

Some of my friends were very mush annoyed by seeing the useless recycle bin icon on their desktop which they use very less as they are used to shift delete thing on windows, same is the case with me.


One of my friend asked me some time back about, if it is possible to move the recycle bin on the system tray so that it can sit in the taskbar and no more occupies the icon space on the desktop. Moving the recycle bin really make sense for quicker access and to save some icon space on the desktop.

I found a free tiny tool which moves your recycle bin to your system tray, this little utility simply adds recycle bin in system tray in windows taskbar as shown in the image below 


MiniBin is a small executable tool which shows the recycle bin just when you double click the exe file, we would recommend that you place this executable in windows startup if you want access recycle bin from system tray.

Now, you need to hide the desktop icon of recycle bin so it does not take up additional icon space on your desktop.

Here is the step by step procedure to show / hide recycle bin desktop icon in windows vista and xp

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DisplayFusion: Set Different Desktop Wallpaper On Dual Multi Monitor or Extended Monitor

I have been using dual monitor setup from last 2-3 days and I must say I am quite addicted to the use my extended monitor Samsung 19 inch with my hp tx1000 laptop.


Yesterday, I was googling about how to setup different wallpapers on my laptop monitor and 19 inch extended monitor, I found a free utility called DisplayFusion which can make your multiple monitor experience more better and soothing by adding a separate taskbar on both the monitors attached to your machine and these taskbar will look like windows taskbar.


It will also allow you to set different background on both of the two monitor connected irrespective of which one is primary and which one is secondary.

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Hide and Show Taskbar With A Desktop Shortcut [ Tips and Tricks ]

Windows taskbar is some thing which many users don’t like while they are working on some coding work or any other application which could be best to work in with full screen mode like some graphic designing softwares.

RunAndHide is a cool utility which comes to good use in this case, this small portable executable allows you to hide and show up the taskbar when ever you want to.


This could be a good alternative to hide and show windows taskbar instead of the default option in windows of hiding the taskbar. As in case of the default option of hiding the taskbar in windows works only when you don’t hover with your mouse in the windows taskbar area.

Let’s discuss how can you hide windows taskbar to save some space just by clicking a desktop shortcut.

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Rearrange Shuffle Opened Applications In Windows Taskbar

By default windows does not allow to opened applications and windows listed in taskbar to rearrange and shuffle to change the position. But there is a free application named taskbar shuffle which lets you reorder the taskbar items.

Taskix is another free application which solves the same purpose of moving taskbar opened items, allows you to reorder the taskbar tabs and change their positions in taskbar.


More over this small program provides more functionality other than just moving the taskbar opened applications and windows.

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Freeware To Speed PC Games and Computer Performance

Game Booster is a FREE to use utility which lets you optimize you PC for better and enhanced, faster game play experience. It lets you tweak your computer by temporarily shutting down some irrelevant process and services, cleaning up RAM, removing temporary files etc.

The program cannot be closed until you switch to normal mode, so that it can restart again all the windows services and process.


It will stop some windows services which are not required at the time of game play and will also stop the running programs in system tray.

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Desktop Shortcut | Keyboard Hotkey To Mute Sound

It happens many time when you were listening to your favourite songs on your computer and suddenly some one just enters your room, you need to mute the sound instantly or it could some another reason for you to mute the sound immediately.

Today, we will tell you all the ways to mute the sound of your computer instantly, it could done be either with a small software or with some simple scripts you can place on your desktop or even with some keyboard hotkey shortcut.

There has been different methods with different operating system like windows xp, vista and windows 7

Let’s start discussing all of them one by one

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Desktop Shortcut – Create Power Shortcuts In XP, Vista and Windows 7

Desktop Shortcut is a FREE power management tool which lets you create some useful shortcuts on your desktop easily.

We have previously posted about how to create desktop shortcut for Shutdown, Restart and Hibernate, but Desktop Shortcut allows you to create these shortcuts very easily just by selecting the shortcuts you need through the program interface.


There are 21 different type of desktop shortcuts you can create including these given below.

Shortcuts For Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 

  • Desktop Shortcut to Shutdown Computer
  • Desktop Shortcut to Restart Computer
  • Desktop Shortcut to Hibernate Computer
  • Desktop Shortcut to Eject optical Drive
  • Desktop Shortcut to Lock Computer
  • Close Firefox with Shortcut
  • Close Internet Explorer with Shortcut
  • Shortcut to Log Off Signed on User
  • Show Desktop Shortcut
  • Switch Off Monitor with Shortcut