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View List of all opened files with OpenedFilesView

It happens many times when you try to delete a file but got a message that the file cannot be deleted as it is under use by any other program.

OpenedFilesView displays the list of all opened files on your computer, not only this the handle value, read / write / delete access file position and also list the processes that is using this file.


OpenedFilesView also lets you close one or more opened files by closing the processes that are using that file.

Let’s see how useful OpenedFilesView can be and how to use it.

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Delete your sensitive files permanently with UltraShredder

There are some instances when you may want to delete a specific file from your computer permanently so that no one can access that file even after using any method to recover that file.

UltraShredder is a small freeware program which deletes any sensitive file which you specify and prevents its recovery by overwriting them with random characters.


You will need to add files which you want to shred or permanently delete from your system by dragging the files on the UltraShredder window and press Shred! button to shred that file.

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Get notified when you receive new mail on your pop3 or webmail account

Once we had posted about ePrompter the mini email client which is also a quite good email notification tool.

Today we have come up with a small free email notification tool for your pop3 or web mail accounts like yahoo, hotmail, msn,, excite, or even rediffmail email accounts.


You can also send emails using the smtp settings of your pop3 account or either through your web mail account from pop peeper.

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Protect your internet banking passwords from keyloggers with KeyScrambler

Most of tend to worry about if some one could steel our precious online banking passwords, as when you type your password in your browser there may be a keylogger installed on the computer system which keeps running silently in the background.

KeyScrambler is free add on for the browsers including Firefox, Internet Explorer and Flock browsers, it is free for personal use on these browsers.

It lets you encrypt every single key you press make it impossible to know or read what username and password you have typed. So it will defeat any keylogger installed and will deface the logged key strokes.


Let’s see how to use keyscrambler to deface any keylogger installed on your system.

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Troubleshoot all Zune sync issues with Zune Device Sync Diagnostic Tool

If you are facing some issues when you synchronize content between Zune Software and a Zune device by using zune sync cable or through wireless.

You may face the following issues when try to sync your zune.

  • Not all the media files get synchronized to the zune device
  • When you try to sync using you see a not responding progress bar

There is small freeware program called Zune Device Sync Diagnostic Tool which lets you deal and sort out these sync issues with your zune device.


Image Credit: Softpedia

Zune Device Sync Diagnostic Tool lets helps in diagnoses of wired and wireless sync connection problems.

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Convert youtube videos, movies and dvd’s to iPhone format

Do you have a iPhone? well I am also planning to buy one soon, let me know your feedback. Anyway, when you have a iPhone you must be wondering how to play youtube videos, movies and some dvd’s on your iPhone.

You will need to convert any video to iPhone format before you transfer any video to your iPhone.   

Videora iPhone converter is a freeware which lets you convert video files, youtube videos , computer movies and dvd to iPhone format so that you can play them on your iPhone.


Let’s see what more you can do with free Videora iPhone Converter

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Extract Pictures from Power Point Presentations

You may have a power point presentation in which you have some image embed, You want to extract that image as you can’t find that image anywhere else except the power point presentation.

Now, you may want to extract some images which are there is the power point presentation. There is small freeware program which can easily extract the images from a Microsoft Power Point presentation which is made`in Power Point 2000 or higher is required.   


Let’s see how MS PowerPoint Extract Images From Presentation Software.