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Remove access denied error on a shared folder [ Registry Tweak ]

It happens some time when you share a folder on a computer and access the shared folder on another network computer but you see access denied error when you try to access that folder.

We have already written an article on TroubleFixers on how to access when you see the access denied error on a shared folder on a computer.


But the above mentioned solution applies to a folder for which you are getting access denied error, so if you share another folder you may face the access denied error again so you will need to apply the same procedure to solve the access denied error on LAN.

Let’s see how can you fix the access denied error permanently through a registry tweak

In order to fix the access denied error you will need to tweak the registry setting on the computer where you sharing files and folders

1. Open Start Menu >> Run and type regedit and press Enter key

2. Navigate to the following path


3. Locate the key restrictanonymous


4. Double click the key, set the value to 0 and press OK


5. Exit Registry and restart your computer for changes to come into effect.

After restart any folder which you share will be accessible to everyone with out any restrictions.

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i am administrator of a pc a program i install at my pc is access dinied for simple user what can i do for gave pirmisson at my user to run this program

hello, i have many folders which shows access denied, plz solve my problem as I need those folders which contains many tutorials,

thanx a lot & have a gud day…

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