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Create screen demos and record mouse movements with screen2exe

SCREEN2EXE is small utility to create instant screen demos with highest compression ratio and great quality screen demos. SCREEN2EXE is completely free utility which records the on screen changes and save it as self played EXE file.


In order to record you just need to run screen2exe and them click next button choose the recording parameters like the frame rate and the quality.


After setting the parameters of the video to be recorded click next button, click the Start Recording button to start recording the video.


You can pause the video recorded any time by press F9 and stop the recording by pressing F10

Saving the recorded video with screen2exe

By default the recorded screen cast will be saved in C:\WINDOWS\System32 with a self playable format in the form of a executable file.


While saving the video you will need to give the name of the video to filename.exe and specify the title before clicking Save & Finish button.

Features of Screen2Exe

  • final video produced by screen2exe will be independent and can be used on any windows system
  • can record mouse movements and clicking
  • record audio also
  • you can pause while recording by pressing F9
  • Produced best quality and scalability
  • Produced the smallest size movie file which is best for sharing
  • You can select a rectangle for recording as region

Download Screen2Exe

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