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Some useful tips and tricks for virtual pc

Recently I installed Windows XP on my not fit for XP tx1t000 hp laptop, I call my laptop not fit for windows XP because there are no complete drivers provided by HP for XP and even some of the drivers provided by HP does not work at all. 😀

So, I installed Windows XP using Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 but after installation I run into several troubles like I cannot move my mouse out of the Virtual PC machine window and cannot access and files and folders on my laptop in windows vista shown in the snapshot below


Let me tell you some useful tips and tricks which will help you using virtual pc

How to take your mouse out of virtual pc machine window

Problem: The first most problem I faced when I was not able to move my mouse out of the virtual pc machine window in which I was running Windows XP

Solution: Press Right Alt then you take your mouse out of the virtual pc machine window

How to toggle full screen window of virtual pc machine window

Problem: After changing to the full screen I was not aware how to revert back to normal small window with virtual pc 2007

Solution: Press Right Alt+Enter to toggle the full screen mode of a virtual pc machine window

There are lot more other questions like how can you speed up your virtual pc machine, how to share files and folders in between virtual pc machine and your computer and how to integrate mouse in between your main operating system and virtual pc machine etc

In order to get all these features you need to install or update virtual machine additions by pressing Right Alt+I


After installing virtual machine additions you can configure the settings of virtual machine to share files and folders, mouse integration and speed up your virtual machine.

To Configure your virtual machine go to Edit >> Settings


A new window will open up where you can tweak the settings of your virtual machine


How to speed up your virtual machine

Move the slider after selecting memory move the slider towards right to increase the RAM assigned to the virtual machine to speed up


How to share Files and Folders with virtual machine

Select Shared Folders and create new share by clicking Share Folder button and select the folder or drive on your computer to share with virtual machine


How to integrate mouse or pointer integration with virtual machine

Select Mouse and click the check box on the right pane which says use pointer integration


You can further play with other options to tweak your virtual pc machine.We hope you like the virtual pc tips and tricks mentioned above.

13 replies on “Some useful tips and tricks for virtual pc”

Cool stuff !
But I have a problem.
I have a XP machine. I have installed VPC 2007 with Vista on it. Also installed the Additions as suggested. But I cannot access my host machine shared folder from within the Vista VPC.
When I see the Settings, it shows me the Shared Folder (“Z:”) on the right section, but I can’t select it, and the two buttons “Share Folder” and “Remove” both are disabled. Also, on the left side, it says “Not Installed” next to the “Shared Folder”.
In addition, I can’t even see this Z: from the VPC.
Any thoughts/ help would be higly appreciated.

Hi, I have the same problem as NCH (Shared Folders appears to be “not installed” even if virtual machine additions are installed and the VM is running).
Any suggestion?

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