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How To Enable Scrollbar In Gtalk To See All Online Friends

Everyone Loves gtalk, I can say on part at least, because from the time I have started using it. I found Gtalk a good and lightweight chat client as compared to the flashy and full of ads yahoo messenger. Gtalk on the other hand is the most clean chat client with out any ads and sufficient number of features required.

But one of feature I always wanted to see in gtalk is to see all of my friends online in one go, but in order to find out whether a gtalk contact is online you need to type the name of the contact in the search bar of firefox.


So, In order to know whether a friend is online, I need to type the name of the friend, I know typing is fun but not always.

Then I found out another feature already embedded in gtalk which allow me to enable scrollbar in gtalk, with this scrollbar I can move the scrollbar up and down to see the all those friends online in one single go.

Let’s see how can be enable scrollbar in gtalk

1. Login to gtalk, at the bottom of the gtalk window you will see a button View 


2. Click on this button and unclick show in one page (you will need to click that option), that’s it you will see a scrollbar.


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