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Free Video To DVD Maker Software

Sothink Movie DVD Maker is free to download and use program which lets you convert your favourite videos of any format including mpg, mpeg, avi, mp4, dat, asf, wmv, asx, rmvb, mov etc and lot more other video formats.


This programs will convert any video to dvd format and also allows you to burn the dvd which can be played in any dvd player and big TV screen with amazing video quality.

free converters

Free SWF To AVI Converter Download

Free swf to avi converter is a completely free program which lets you convert any swf files to avi stored on your computer. You can convert more than one swf files to multiple avi files so it support batch conversion.


Free swf to avi converter allows you to create custom conversion profiles in your case. It accepts only one type of file as input which is swf file and output file as  avi file format.

free converters

Free Nokia Format Video Converter – Convert Popular Video Files To Nokia Supported Video Formats

Free Nokia Video Converter is a free converter which lets you convert any multimedia file including video and audio formats to 3gp and mpeg-4 video format which are easily supported on Nokia N90, Nokia 6205, Nokia E71, Nokia 5800, Nokia E63, Nokia E75, Nokia E71, Nokia N96 and other nokia phones.

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One of the best thing about this converter is that it allows to do the conversion from any video format to nokia video format in 3 simple steps. The three steps required for the conversion are

1. First you will need to add the video format

2. choose the destination place for the converted video file

3. click the Start button to start the multi conversion process

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free converters

Free Video Cutter – Freeware To Split And Cut Video Files

Free Video Cutter is a cool free tool which lets you cut and split any video in small size videos so that these small videos can better fit into your small size pen drive.


free converters

Convert DMG To IMG and ISO

This is another reader query who wants to convert a .dmg file either to .img file and to .iso file so that he can mount the disk image in windows also.

In order to convert dmg file to img file either we need a DMG2IMG converter and for converting dmg file to iso we need DMG2ISO converter.

IMG files were used by Mac OS 9 and earlier versions of Mac and was replaced by the newer compressed version in newer versions MAC OS

DMG2IMG converter is designed to convert any apple compressed dmg archives to standard hfsplus image disk files. This tool runs from command line.


The syntax you can use to convert and dmg file to img file is

dmg2img [-s] [-v] [-V] [-d] []
dmg2img -i –o

Download dmg2img 

Another tool named dmg2iso is again from the same developer which created dmg2img. In order to covert dmg to iso so that you can mount it as a disk image in windows you can use this tool DMG2ISO

ISO files are actually images of complete CDs or DVDs compiled as one whole image file.

DMG2ISO converter is again command line based and lets you covert .dmg file to .iso file which you can mount in windows on any virtual drive.


The syntax to be used to convert any .dmg file to .iso file is

dmg2iso <filename1.dmg> <filename2.dmg>

Download dmg2iso

free converters

Free Portable Video Converter For Blackberry, iPhone, iPod Touch, PSP, Xbox, PS3

EncodeHD is FREE, portable and easy to use utility to convert videos on the go to Blackberry, iPhone, iPod Touch, PSP, Xbox, PS3 format. The program interface is very easy to understand and use.


It does not require any installation, so you simply need to unzip the zip archive and start using it. It is a to the point video converter which does not have those confusing options which some times makes your life miserable.

free converters

Quick Media Converter – Free FLV, MP4, AVI, 3GP Video Converter

Quick Media Converter is a completely free and one of the most powerful media converters, supports a wide variety of formats including flv, avi, divx, xvid, mpeg4, ipod, iphone, psp, 3GP, 3G2, AVI, DIVX, XVID, TS, DVD, VCD, MPEG, MPEG2, MP3, WAV, amr, m4a, mp4, vob, mov, h264, h263, wmv, wma


It lets you convert to and from in between a large number of popular video formats. More over it has some advanced video conversion options like resizing, cropping, Web cam capture, DV Cam fluxes.

You can do drag and drop any video on the interface of the program and also supports drag and drop version. It covert any video to any format in 8 simple steps.

Some New Audio Formats Added Includes

OGG,zune,New Video Formats,Zune,SWF,MKV,DPG ( Nintendo DS) 4:3 /16:9,H264 Qt Redim,Removed Divx  4 :3 ->16 :9,Divx are formatted to support Home DVD players edition 4 and Virtualdub

Note: According to us it is the best free media converter program among all the converters available and it is 100% free to use. It has based on the principal of No trial No strings attached ! No Malware, No spyware, No viruses

Download Quick Media Converter

free converters

Free Video To WMV Converter Download

WMV converter is again a free tool which lets you convert any video format including avi, mpeg, mp4 and other popular video formats into compressed WMV (Windows Media Video) format.


It is very easy to use program, you just need to select the input source file by clicking the Add Video button. Free Video to WMV converter also supports batch conversion so you can convert multiple video’s to WMV.