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Search Inside The File Contents with Everything Search Engine program

Searching on windows quite be messy some times using windows search, but windows default search is not the best way to search for files sometimes.

Everything search is a free and faster search programs among all the search programs which I had used for Windows XP, but you should go to for Everything for search only if you have hard disk partitions of NTFS type file system.


Everything is not only fastest in searching but also in indexing, as at the moment you install it, you can start using it and it indexes files on your system at a very fast rate (1,000,000 files will take about 1 minute), but it only works with NTFS drives.

Everything also searches files with in the file that means you can search the text written inside a file, it performs the files indexing so fast as it uses the Master File Table.

I would give full score 10/10 to everything search among other search programs that I have ever seen. Moreover it uses very less amount of physical memory while running.  

Requirements: It works with NTFS file system only.

Download Everything Search | Download Everything Search Beta | Download Everything Search Portable

3 replies on “Search Inside The File Contents with Everything Search Engine program”

I had recently reviewed everythingsearch and a similar program (both with indexing period of less than 3 mins). Everything Search impressed me with its advanced scanning options and was my pick in spite of a higher memory usage (around 15mb).

Just a correction, Everything DOES NOT search text within files. It can only search filenames and sort by size, type, date modified, etc.

That beside, it’s still my favorite search engine for windows. Totally kicks the llama’s ass.

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