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Make Windows Startup Faster with Startup Blaster

It is very common when windows users complain that their computer systems loaded with windows takes ages to get started and takes a hell lot of time to load some applications in the startup. So, in order to get an active running windows which can respond to user actions you need to give some minutes to the computer to load the startup programs first.


Windows users always say there computer were faster in the beginning and used to take very few seconds to get started and running, but with time they say it gets slow and take so much time to get started.

What is the reason behind slow startup on your old computer?

From the time you first start using a computer, you keep installing a various computer software, games and other applications and install various hardware devices drivers many of which create startup entries to run the following.

  • Startup Entries to run associated services for programs
  • Startup Entries to run the program on windows startup
  • Startup Entries to load some DLL sometime to run the corresponding program
  • and some other entries

You can filter out these programs and select what to load and what not to load through msconfig command, but after a specific extent you cannot remove more programs which are quite essential to be get loaded in memory at windows startup.

At that point of time a FREE program called Startup Blaster can solve the problem of slow windows startup with which you can delay those programs to run after a specified amount of time. 

Let’s see how can you delay the execution of start up programs with startup blaster