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BlockSite – Block Websites In FireFox

BlockSite is cool firefox addon which lets you block any website of your choice in firefox, and it will also disable and block all the hyperlinks to the websites you blocked.


This utility however can be used for novice firefox users as the extension itself can be disabled and uninstalled from firefox. You can enable or disable the warning messages displayed whenever a site is blocked to access. This extension basically adds the site blocking functionality that was removed from adblock plus.

firefox tips & tricks

Glasser – Make FireFox Window Transparent

Recently One of the reader asked us whether, how can we make firefox windows transparent just like windows vista. I goggled for the same and found a cool free firefox addon called Glasser which makes firefox windows transparent after installation.


This extension requires windows vista, windows 7 with aero glass as the active visual style to be activated in order to function correctly. Make sure to deactivate window blinds if you have it installed on your computer.

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ViSplore – Get Transparent Vista Explorer With Aero Glass Effect In XP

ViSplore is small free tool which let you convert your windows explorer in windows xp to amazing looking vista explorer, not only it will convert xp windows explorer it will also provide aero glass interface, addressbar and breadcrumbs which is one most useful features in revamped vista explorer.


The converted windows explorer look exactly like vista explorer with all the functions of vista explorer provided and other xp explorer things like files and folders remains intact.

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USB Hidden Copier – Copies All The Contents Of Any USB Drive Connected To Your Computer

USB Hidden Copier is the best software if you want to copy contents which includes all files and folder in the pen drive connected to your computer.


This small software works in stealth mode as the user does not know that his or her USB drive content is being copied because USB hidden copier have no visible window.


Copy The Contents Of USB Removable Drive Automatically To Your Computer Each Time Drive is Connected

Some days back I got a reader query regarding a simple way of coping the contents of his USB pen drive automatically when ever removable drive is connected. After some googling I came to know there is no freeware available which can copy the contents  i.e files and folders automatically from portable drive.

Moreover reader also wanted to take the incremental backup from his pen drive, means he wants only the modified or new files to be copied every time he connects the pen drive, so he wants to put a incremental backup of his USB drive contents on his computer.

Finally I came out with a solution with the use of a free software called SyncToy which allows you take incremental backup of your USB drive files and folders on your computer hard disk.

Lets discuss how to remember do we implement this technique of taking incremental backup with SyncToy and syncing the pen drive contents with a folder on the computer hard disk

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Trick To Hide Files Inside A BMP Image

BMP Wrap is a simple and easy to use tool which lets you hide any file inside a valid .BMP shell i.e you can hide data file of any type inside a .bmp image and send it anywhere and recipient can extract that file using BMP Wrap.


With BMP Wrap you can send exe, dll and other types of files which you were not able to send as email attachment as the destination mail server will never be able to find out about the hidden file inside the .BMP image file.

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UltraMon – The Best Smart Application For Multi Monitor Setup

UltraMon is the one of the best application you should use if you are on multi monitor setup, it has all the most useful features and tool you would need to organise the display, screensaver, desktop wallpaper, windows, applications, desktop icons, display profiles, mirroring on multiple monitors connected to your computer.


Note: It can even support more than 10 monitors to provide custom display settings like different desktop resolution, separate or widescreen monitor wallpaper and separate taskbar for all these multiple monitors connected.

From the time I had setup the multiple desktop monitor this application is the most useful for me with extensive set of features like I can restore the desktop icons positions after connecting to extended monitor, toggle to set any monitor connected as primary, disable the secondary monitor with single click and lot more other things discussed below

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Free Broadcast Your Presentations and Training Sessions

ScreenStream is a FREE program which lets you do free screen sharing or you can say watch your screen on the computers on your network and other computers connected to you via internet. This tool can be really useful to broadcast your presentation and other related training sessions.


Another major advantage of using ScreenStream is that the viewers connected do not need any additional software to view the broadcasting screen.