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Release a used port by the application with CurrPorts

It happens some times when you install a particular application like skype or any other application which connects to internet through a particular port but that port may be used by some another application due to which the new application may not work properly.

In order to make the application work you will need to release that TCP/UDP port, you can easily terminate the program using that port by using a free utility called CurrPorts

CurrPorts allows you to close unwanted TCP connections, kill the processes which are using those TCP/UDP ports.


CurrPorts displays list of all the opened ports including the TCP and UDP ports, it will display some entries with pink colour which indicates the suspicious TCP/UDP ports owned by unidentified applications.

View Complete Information about your computer with Computer_ID

If you want to view the some detailed information about your computer for some reason, Computer_ID lets you view the complete information about your computer hardware.

Computer_ID displays the information like HDD Model, HDD Serial number, complete CPU information, Motherboard, Graphics card information.


It also displays the information including the windows information like, version number, build date, install date, serial number and product key.

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How to remove invisible googleupdate.exe or google updater from windows

GoogleUpdate.exe is small program which get installed with any google product you download and use. GoogleUpdate comes update comes bundled with google picasa, google desktop search, as in latest it comes embedded with google chrome.

GoogleUpdate seems to be hidden process, does not even show up when you install google chrome

What is GoogleUpdate.exe?  

“GoogleUpdate.exe is a software component that acts as a meta-installer and auto-updater in many downloadable Google applications, including Google Chrome. It keeps google programs updated”


Above is the snapshot of the googleupdate.exe running and shown at the task manager.

GoogleUpdate.exe automatically runs in the background and automatically connects to google servers, use system resources all the time, downloads and install these updates.

It also reports some data usage to the google servers which includes version numbers, language, operating system etc.

Many people may ask why should I remove googleupdate.exe, Let’s see why

Why you should stop googleupdate.exe?

Because it downloads the updates even when you don’t need them and it also consumes the some part of your internet bandwidth without asking any permission from you.

Let’s see how can you remove googleupdate.exe from your computer.

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Scare your friends with Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) Screensaver from Microsoft

The most feared colour on windows is blue colour, you must be wondering why, because it the colour of blue screen of death the biggest problem of windows XP which merely have no solution other than formatting your operating system.

Blue Screen of Death comes appears when your operating system becomes unstable, that means blue screen of death will be displayed when some thing goes terribly wrong and windows operating system cannot deal with it.


Bluescreen is a screen saver which emulates BSOD Blue Screen of Death, it will simulate startup screens during a system boot.


Remove ribbons and save space in office 2007

I have seen lots of people trying to adopt with the new look and feel of office 2007 applications. With the introduction of ribbons in office 2007 it becomes quite difficult to find the old frequently used features like Formatting, Tools etc which we are used to from office 97-2003.

In all the new features as ribbons in office 2007 applications seems quite annoying to people than useful right now, another problem which user face due to ribbons in office 2007 applications is that these ribbons takes 20% percent of the total space of the entire.


Let’s take an example of office 2007 word and find out how can we contract office 2007 ribbons.

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Set double click in skype to open chat then call the skype contact

I have been using skype regularly for around three months, in my new office. From the day I started using I noticed a common problem which normally people face using skype.


By default in skype when ever you double click any contact skype will start a skype-call to that skype contact instead of starting a chat, double clicking a skype contact is quite normal as we have a habit of starting a chat as in other messenger’s like Gtalk and yahoo messenger etc.

But it’s very easy to to override the default settings of skype and set the default setting of skype to start a chat when you double click a skype contact instead of chat.

Let’s see how can change the default behaviour of skype.

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See the thumbnail view of images or media files in a folder with ThumbViewer – A thumb.db viewer

For all those who are not able to see the thumbnail view of images and media files in windows, I have a solution to this problem.

ThumbViewer – A thumb.db viewer – It’s a FREE software which lets you view the thumbnail cache used by windows explorer to speed up the display of thumbnails of the images in folders.

The thumbs.db cache stores all thumbnails created in a folder of the images even if the original image has been deleted.

ThumbViewer - A thumb.db viewer   

The thumbs.db which is automatically created in all the folders with images which stores the thumbnails of all the images.

Let’s see how can you use ThumbViewer – A thumb.db viewer to view all images thumbnails

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How to Locate your stolen laptop computer with LocatePC

The worst may happen someone when their computer gets stolen and when its stolen then possibly their is no way to get it back, or to track where it is.


LocatePC is FREE software which lets you track and finally get back your stolen computer or laptop back to you. LocatePC sends you a secret email message from your stolen computer or laptop with some crucial information.

The crucial information will help to you to contact the law enforcement agencies to track the stolen computer and help you get your stolen computer.

Let’s see how can you protect your computer with LocatePC