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Hide Files and Folder In USB Portable Drive For Free

Hiding your private files and folders could be very important when you don’t want others to see files on your pen drive, on the other hand some people may not like others to use their USB  pen drive.

Today we will share a simple trick which can make your drive contents invisible including all files and folders and will also make your drive write protected so that no one can add further files on your pen drive.


The whole process of hiding files and folders on your drive involves the use of a small third party program which is free to use, and a small command you need to run from command prompt.

Let’s discuss the trick, I hope you like this trick of hiding contents on your USB Drive.

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Free Audio Converter

Free Audio Converter lets you convert any audio file to mp3, wav or wma, you can also convert wav to mp3, mp3 to wav and wma to mp3.

Using free audio converter is quite simple as you just need add files to the audio converter. select the output format of the songs through settings and then click convert.


As you can see in the image above free audio converter provides easy 3 step conversion of audio files to any output format you select.

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Full Screen Image Viewer For Firefox and Internet Explorer

Full Screen Image viewer is a FREE program which integrates itself to firefox and internet explorer context menu’s i.e right click menu in firefox and internet explorer.

After installing full screen image viewer you can view any image in full screen mode just by right clicking on the image and select the image view mode.


The various options for viewing the image are following:

  • View Full Screen – Best Fit
  • View Full Screen – Cut Fit Bottom Right
  • View Full Screen – Cut Fit Equal
  • View Full Screen – Cut Fit Top Left
  • View Full Screen – Stretch Fit
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Free LAN Search Program – LAN Search Pro

In my last company one of the most amazing time pass things I used to do when I don’t have any work was to look for movies, and songs shared on the company local area network. But browsing every computer shared resources for movies, songs could be really tiring if there are large number of computers to search for on your local area network.

LAN Search Pro is a free utility which lets you search across your LAN network, you can specify the file names or file types you are searching for on your LAN network.


If you want to search for all the movies and songs shared across your company network you can simply type in the search term as


and press the green play button play to start searching.

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Add Grep Command In Windows With grepWin

grepWin is a FREE simple search and replace tool which lets you use regular expressions, to search those regular expression inside windows files.

What is Grep ?

Its a command line search utility originally written for Unix. grep command searches files or standard input globally for lines matching as per the specified regular expression, and prints them to the program’s standard output which you can call your search results.

For Example:

grep apple fruitlist.txt

This will print the results of the lines containing ‘pineapple’ or ‘apples’ are also printed.

To print all lines which contain ‘apple’ as a word (‘pineapple’ and ‘apples’ will not be matched)

grep -w apple fruitlist.txt

grepWin lets you search more extensively in windows with several criteria in hand like size, whether to include system files and hidden items or not.


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Free MP3 Cutter

MP3 cutter is some thing we all require to cut mp3 songs from a specified point to another point, we often need to cut mp3 to create custom ringtones or could be for some other reason for you.

MP3 Cutter Plus is a 100% FREE MP3 cutter that allows you to cut MP3 music files from any point you want. There will be no loss in the quality of the cut file with free.


MP3 cutter is really a great tool if you want to made some custom ring tones out of your songs by cutting the specific part of the song. Its really simple software t use to cut mp3 as you just need to click Mark Start button to select the starting point and Mark End button to select the end point.

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Free Screenshot Program

Taking a screenshot can be so quick and short task for you that you don’t want to buy some heavy softwares available like winsnap, snagit etc. Screenshot Taker is the most simplest tool to take a screenshot of the a specific screen area or the complete screen with in single click.


After installing screenshot taker you can either click the first button to choose area of the screen or click the second button to choose the entire screen. This small software is really simple and meant to do screen capturing with any funky or confusing menus and options.

If you are looking for straight forward simple tool for screen capturing and it automatically saves the image as .jpg, how ever it does not support any hot key activation to run the program.

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Free Photo Slideshow Creator Software

Extra Photo SlideShow Free is FREE easy to use software for free photo slideshow creator software which is very properly designed for non experienced users. It is the best free software which lets you create slide show with your photos in three simple steps.

1. Choose Photos

2. Pick the background music

3. Select the target format for the final slideshow


You can add subtitle to each photo of the slideshow and the time interval between two photos and lets you choose the transition effects from all the effects or let it be default option of random transition effects.