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Get To Know When Did You Clicked That Picture

We all click pictures from our digital cameras at many times and at various locations, and at the moment when you transfer these pictures to your computer you try to guess when did you took that picture you are transfering just out of curiosity.

So, there was no way to find out when did you took the picture, where you was, what time it was and whom you were with. PhotoMe a free program which comes to resolve this problem of finding the extensive information about any picture you clicked with your digital camera.


This application reads the photo of type JPEG, TIFF and RAW format and most of the modern cameras formats are also supported. You can also modify the creation date of the picture being taken, see lot of other details associated with that image.

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Shouttr – Listen To Your To Tweets Rather Than Reading Them

Shouttr comes under such those innovative twitter clients which offers some different and innovative features which you may have not thought of.

Shouttr allows you to listen to the tweets you receive on your public timeline rather than reading them, it sits in your system tray in windows and shouts the tweets received. You can also repeat tweets to listen them again in case you haven’t listened them properly before.


Shouttr is currently in alpha stage and it allows you to read and post tweets, more over you can configure the voices which you want to hear including the voices accent like male, female, sexy and so on.

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Get Detailed System Information About Your Computer – System Spec

System Spec is a small very useful system information utility which lets you see and know about the detailed information about your computer.


This standalone portable utility can perform various windows functions, additional advanced info includes detailed info about CPU, Drives, Application Installed, Display, Memory, Networking, Internet, CD / DVD drives etc.

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Prevent Spiders From Extracting Your Email ID – Email Link Encoder

Email Link Encoder is a free software which lets create a image out of your email id so that email spider cannot extract email address from different places on web.

Email spiders crawl web pages over the web on various web sites to get various email id for spammers which add you to their mailing list and start sending spamming mails on these ids.


Email Link Encoder allows you to create protect email id signature in the form of a image, encrypted HTML link and javascript which again prevents your email to get grabbed by email spiders.

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Download Windows Movie Maker All Versions Full Setup With All Features [Offline Installer]

Movie Maker has been the most amazing utility which comes by default loaded with windows both in windows xp and vista. Windows Movie Maker also comes with windows live pack which has movie maker beta which is not so powerful in terms of features.

Movie Maker which comes in built with windows provides these features including recording video from your Digital cameras, handy cam etc, adding text and effect in the video, import video to edit, add titles and credit etc.


Here are the links to download different versions of movie maker with some what feature variation.


Windows Movie Maker 2.1 

Windows Movie Maker 2.6

Windows Movie Maker 5.1

Note: If you are confused in the above links, we would suggest you to download the newest version 5.1

You can also download this version of windows movie maker which comes with windows xp service pack 2

Window Movie Maker ( Windows XP ) 2

Moreover, A contributor "Devrexster" @ WinMatrix has also created a portable version of Windows Movie Maker 2.6 which works with Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 ,  you can download from the link given below.

Portable Windows Movie Maker Thanks [ AskVG ]   

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DeleteMe – Delete Temporary Files Periodically and Automatically

DeleteMe is a FREE useful program which allows you to delete unchanged files from a  specified path defined. It can be effectively used for cleaning files from temporary folders, can log files and folders or you may also clean files from network shared folders which are supposed to be clean on regular time basis.

After installing DeleteMe you will need to configure the path of the temporary folder or any other custom folder in which you want to delete files and folders.


You can set to delete sub folders, hidden files and read only files at the specified folder path, more over you can define the number of days after which it will delete all the unchanged files and folders 

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Free Flash SWF Protection Encryption Program – Flash Protection Gold

Flash Protection Gold is one of the best program to protect SWF Flash files with an effective encryption technique for adobe flash ad flex. It provides three layers of extensive encryption techniques to stop flash/SWF decompilers and stop the illegal copying and redistribution of Flash (SWF), graphics including BITMAPS, Movieclips, Sounds, Videos, Text, Font and Action Script.


It lets you preview the flash file in the small Flash Player embedded in the program interface, you can select the encryption level. Moreover you can specify the domain lock which can prevent the application run out of the domain name specified.

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SendEmails – Free Email NewsLetter Creator and Mailing Program

SendEmails is one of the very premier marketing software which allows you to design, deliver and track the email newsletters you sent to your clients or future potential clients.

It is a high performance nicely designed newsletter software program which is now released for free with some limits like you can send maximum 200 emails and size of the emails cannot be greater than 200000 bytes.


In order to use SendEmails you will need to signup which can be done from the application with an active connection to internet.