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3 Free Best Programs To Free Up Boost RAM Memory and Speed Up Your PC

It could be a case that your computer is slow due to high usage of RAM fitted in your computer, it could happen when there are some programs which keep using some amount of memory even after getting stopped.

Moreover, if you use any RAM booster it will bring significant amount to improvement in speeding up your computer at that instant of time, so today we will let you know all the free programs which will free up the memory blocked by programs to increasing the speed in processing.

Here are these 3 free programs which are the best free programs to boost up your RAM to increase performance

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PatchMate XP – Update Windows XP With The Latest Hotfixes With Minimum User Involvement

PatchMate XP is a FREE program which lets you update and applies the latest security updates to your windows xp professional operating system with no user intervention. It can automatically download and applies the latest security fixes or hot fixes released by microsoft 


It will get installed on a computer with in minimum of 5 minutes depending on the computer system configuration. More importantly it does not require any user input to apply the latest security hot fixes but does it very automatically. There can be many situations when you will see how PatchMate XP can be a lifesaver.

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Ie8fox 1.5 – Download Internet Explorer 8 Theme For FireFox

FireFox is one of the browser which offers the maximum level of optimizations as compared to the other to make user feel like old. All these high level customizations are allowed as per the user requirement by some amazing add ons library.


One such add on is Ie8fox 1.5 which is a firefox theme which lets you transform the look and feel of your FireFox browser to make it look like the new Internet Explorer 8 ( as shown in the image below)

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Password Revealer – Free Portable Password Revealer | Reveal Hidden Password Behind Asterisks

Password Revealer is a small FREE tool (only 65KB) which lets you see most of the password typed in various password box in different password dialog windows of various programs.


In order to reveal any password, you just need bring the password box on the screen, run portable password revealer and click reveal.

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TotalMounter – Universal Free CD/DVD-ROM/RW/RAM Virtual Emulator – Mount Any Image In Windows

TotalMounter is a FREE to use tool which lets you almost everything, you can mount a CD / DVD images such as so, bin, cdi, mdf, ccd, nrg etc. It is a free full featured iSCSI initiator, Virtual Discs and it is a client of INetDisk.


Moreover it can allows you to write technology in iSCSI indicator and start the burning process with any burning software installed on your computer.

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TheEnd – Rename File Name In Windows XP Without Selecting The File Extension Like Vista

Till now, I had integrated almost all the cool features of windows vista in windows xp including vista start menu in xp or vista like search in xp and you can also get vista like drives in xp or get the windows seven taskbar in xp


Similarly with this simple free utility called TheEnd you can get the feature of renaming the file names without selecting the extension of the file in windows xp just like it happens in vista.

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PushMonitorOff – Free Monitor Turn Off Application – Turn Off Your Monitor With Keyboard Shortcut

PushMonitorOff is one such cool application which lets you turn off monitor quickly with a keyboard shortcut, but why would you want to turn off your monitor ?

Sometimes when you just want to turn off the monitor and keep the other applications running, it could be required as you may be leaving your seat in office for specific amount of time but you want the programs keep running.


This could be really good idea if you want to conserve some energy and save the environment around you, the default keyboard shortcut to turnoff your laptop or desktop monitor is Shift+F1

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Explore&Burn – CD/DVD Burning Integrated With Windows Explorer

Explore&Burn is a free tool which integrate the free CD/DVD burning with in windows explorer. It could prove to be the best and quickest way to burn files and ISO images on your computer to CD or DVD drive as itself integrates with windows explorer.


It is extremely easy to use lightweight among all the other free burning applications.