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How to Locate your stolen laptop computer with LocatePC

The worst may happen someone when their computer gets stolen and when its stolen then possibly their is no way to get it back, or to track where it is.


LocatePC is FREE software which lets you track and finally get back your stolen computer or laptop back to you. LocatePC sends you a secret email message from your stolen computer or laptop with some crucial information.

The crucial information will help to you to contact the law enforcement agencies to track the stolen computer and help you get your stolen computer.

Let’s see how can you protect your computer with LocatePC

proxy tips & tricks

Access blocked orkut, gmail through opera mini simulator and WebToMail | Access banned sites without proxies

We have already written a lot more post on how can you access various blocked web site in your office, school or college. In countries like UAE and china a large number of websites like orkut, facebook, myspace and gmail etc.

I have seen lot of people using several proxies for accessing blocked web sites like orkut, gmail, myspace and facebook etc, all these proxies require the most crucial information i.e your email username and password which forms the basis of your online identity.

Your email id is always required when ever you sign up for any web service on the web or when you communicate via emails to other people.

It becomes a major security risk when you enter your username and password into those those proxies which let you access blocked web sites with some ads here and there, and when you get logged in through a proxy but you cannot perform every operation on the blocked web site like orkut, like you may not be able to scrap a friend, cannot accept a friend request etc.

A large number of organisation have adopted a high level of filtering including the word filter which works in way that it blocks any web page with a word orkut or proxy in it.


Let’s find out how can you access blocked websites through opera mini simulator and access banned websites via free WebToMail service and access the blocked websites with full functionality.

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Deleted recently opened files list and protect your privacy with MRU-Blaster

We all open some files on various public and private computers which we don’t want let other come to know.

It could be a situation when you have opened some very crucial and confidential file and you don’t want any one to see the list of recently opened and get to know about that file and path where it is stored on your computer.

MRU-Blaster is a free program which lets you scans your computer for the list of MRU (most recently used) programs entries, cookies and internet cache files also.


MRU-Blaster can detect more than 30,000 most recently used items and present you with a list of items and lets you clean the traces which reveal that a file was opened, you just need to click the button Clean Now


Let’s see what the additional features MRU-Blaster except for cleaning list of opened files.

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Send free sms to friends with google sms channels

Google has recently released their google sms channels which lets you receive various types of updates directly to your mobile phone by direct sms to your phone for free.

Google Sms Channels lets you receive alerts on your mobile via free sms to your mobile phone, you can receive alerts for latest news, blog feeds, daily quotes, horoscope , daily jokes, news from moneycontrol, cricket updates and lot more via free sms messages to your phone.


I have just created a free google sms channel called dailymeets to send messages to college buddies for planned or unplanned meets on weekends and weekdays some times.

Let’s see how can you create a group of family or friends and send them free sms messages via google sms channels.

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Free Download Nero 9 | Free serial number for Nero 9 for 15 days trial

Nero is one of the most widely used cd-dvd burning suite all over the world. The latest version Nero 9 has been released very recently with some cool new features.

Nero 9 seems to be a complete entertainment multimedia suite which lets you copy, rip, burn, edit, share and upload the stuff online. Day by day it is coming with a lot more applications like Nero Scout , Nero Media etc.


All the new features looks cool but a normal user still uses Nero for disc writing, disc erasing and other disc related operations.

Let’s see some features of nero 9 and find out how can you download the free copy of Nero 9

xp hacks

Rename My computer, Recycle Bin, My Documents and My Network Places with Desktop Renamer

You could had annoyed some times when you may want to change the text below the My Computer, My Documents, Recycle Bin and My Network Places icon on your desktop but windows default behaviour will never let you change these names.

Desktop Renamer is small cool free utility which lets you change the name of My Computer, Recycle Bin, My Documents and My Network Places


Desktop Renamer runs on windows XP to later versions also like windows 98, Me, NT etc.

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Download Free S.M.A.R.T status monitoring tools for your hard disk

Hard disk is the most crucial components of our computer as it stores our most crucial data. In my college life I have corrupted my hard disk 2 times in single year and finally when drive goes dead and it was out of warranty, I was left with no back up with me, I had lost almost all the crucial data from my hard disk.

So, it could happen to any one as the hard disk build quality has been degrading day by day irrespective of any brand because of cost of hard drive is lowering down.

Today, we have come up with some free tools which lets you inspect your hard drive condition using the S.M.A.R.T Technology – which means Self-Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Technology


S.M.A.R.T Technology examines any hard disk on the basis of some smart attributes out of which some of them are:

  • Temperature
  • Read Error Rate
  • Spin-Up Time
  • Start/Stop Count
  • Spin Retry Count

There are lot more other SMART attributes which collectively decides the status of your hard drive.

Let’s see all those SMART hard disk monitoring tools for monitor the health status of your hard drive.

chrome tips & tricks

Recover stored passwords in google chrome with ChromePass

It has been not quite long after google released their browser google chrome, most of us are using google chrome. I am using google chrome from day 1.

We have recently written a lot about various themes for google chrome like firefox theme for google chrome , safari theme for google chrome and other google chrome tips and tricks.

Today we have come up with another hack for google chrome, A freeware utility ChromePass which is a free password recovery tool for google chrome.


ChromePass can display all the stored password in google chrome across all the web sites which you visited and remembered the username and password