Copy The Contents Of USB Removable Drive Automatically To Your Computer Each Time Drive is Connected

Some days back I got a reader query regarding a simple way of coping the contents of his USB pen drive automatically when ever removable drive is connected. After some googling I came to know there is no freeware available which can copy the contents  i.e files and folders automatically from portable drive.

Moreover reader also wanted to take the incremental backup from his pen drive, means he wants only the modified or new files to be copied every time he connects the pen drive, so he wants to put a incremental backup of his USB drive contents on his computer.

Finally I came out with a solution with the use of a free software called SyncToy which allows you take incremental backup of your USB drive files and folders on your computer hard disk.

Lets discuss how to remember do we implement this technique of taking incremental backup with SyncToy and syncing the pen drive contents with a folder on the computer hard disk

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Trick To Hide Files Inside A BMP Image

BMP Wrap is a simple and easy to use tool which lets you hide any file inside a valid .BMP shell i.e you can hide data file of any type inside a .bmp image and send it anywhere and recipient can extract that file using BMP Wrap.


With BMP Wrap you can send exe, dll and other types of files which you were not able to send as email attachment as the destination mail server will never be able to find out about the hidden file inside the .BMP image file.

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UltraMon – The Best Smart Application For Multi Monitor Setup

UltraMon is the one of the best application you should use if you are on multi monitor setup, it has all the most useful features and tool you would need to organise the display, screensaver, desktop wallpaper, windows, applications, desktop icons, display profiles, mirroring on multiple monitors connected to your computer.


Note: It can even support more than 10 monitors to provide custom display settings like different desktop resolution, separate or widescreen monitor wallpaper and separate taskbar for all these multiple monitors connected.

From the time I had setup the multiple desktop monitor this application is the most useful for me with extensive set of features like I can restore the desktop icons positions after connecting to extended monitor, toggle to set any monitor connected as primary, disable the secondary monitor with single click and lot more other things discussed below

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Free Broadcast Your Presentations and Training Sessions

ScreenStream is a FREE program which lets you do free screen sharing or you can say watch your screen on the computers on your network and other computers connected to you via internet. This tool can be really useful to broadcast your presentation and other related training sessions.


Another major advantage of using ScreenStream is that the viewers connected do not need any additional software to view the broadcasting screen.

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Yahoo Messenger Hider – Show Or Hide Running Yahoo Messenger With F11 and F12 Function Keys

Yahoo Messenger Hider is one such useful utility which lets you show / hide the running main yahoo messenger window by pressing F11 key, on the other hand it will enable you to show / hide all the messenger windows by pressing F12 key

This utility can be very useful at work where you use yahoo messenger and fear of being caught, all the chat windows title are renamed with the windows handle. You can even start /  stop the service from tray icon.

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ViStart – Get Vista Start Menu In Win XP Free with Desktop Search Feature

ViStart is a free program which will convert your boring looking xp start menu to the amazing looking vista start menu, it comes with all those features of vista start menu like search programs right away from start menu, fading menu icons and also have Multilanguage support for non english users


ViStart menu skin looks exactly like windows vista start menu and it also supports third party skins made at deviantart.

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Make Deleted Files Unrecoverable In Windows

We delete some private files in day to day use on our computer, which don’t want some one to recover even by using some recovery softwares. There are two free best programs which helps you overwrite the sections bits of the deleted files so that the recovery of these deleted files becomes impossible.

The first program is called DeepClean and the second one is called Phile Shredder, we will discuss both of them one by one  

DeepClean is a nice piece of a software which does not delete the files on your hard disk, rather it will overwrite the deleted files with null bytes to make the recovery of those deleted or shredded files impossible by any software.


It is quite good and easy to use program to wipe out or shred the files completely from your hard drive. In order to make the recovery of all the deleted files on your computer click clean system button to remove the traces of any deleted files on your computer.

Download DeepClean  

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ViGlance – Windows 7 Taskbar In XP

One of the most amazing feature I liked in windows 7 is it most useful and productive taskbar which consist of iconized taskbar items which can rearranged when and how you feel like arranging them.

The most amazing thing about the windows 7 taskbar is that it no longer displays the name of the programs, on the other hand it displays only icons by default which provides more space for other programs and opened windows to fit in


It will replace the normal taskbar of windows xp with this windows 7 like taskbar which is more beautiful and manageable for different windows and  applications opened. It provide more space and good look feel as compared to the boring looks of windows xp taskbar.