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Free YouTube Batch Videos Uploader

RZ Youtube Videos Uploader is a FREE software utility which allows you to upload multiple videos to your youtube account. It allows you to upload any number of FLV videos on your computer to youtube directly.


So, if you want to upload multiple videos to youtube, you will first need to convert videos to FLV format which you want to upload.

Make sure to enter the credentials of your youtube account to the application firstly to upload the videos.

When ever you add any video in the application to upload you will need to specify the video details like Title, Description, Tags and select the other options like category, comments on off, videos response allowed or not, ratings, embedding – which means whether other sites can embed this video.  


Now, click Add Video button and press Upload button on the application to upload the selected video to your account.

Download Free YouTube Batch Uploader

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This is a great app but it would have been better if you could set it to upload any kind of video and it did the conversion… Do you know any such?

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