Happy New Year To All Readers

Year 2008 has been a wonderful year here on Technix Update, we welcome year 2009 with all our readers.

This is abhishek bhatnagar author and admin of Technix Update wish a very happy new year to all the readers, may god bless all of us with more happiness and money.

In this first post of year 2009 we would like share the best post from all the categories, here they are.

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These are some of the best articles from different categories we hope you like them. 🙂

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ubuntu tips

Install Google Chrome In Ubuntu

I am actively playing with Ubuntu Intrepid 8.1 installed with dual boot configuration with windows vista pre installed on my hp laptop tx1000.

As by default the you have firefox as the only browser in ubuntu so I thought why not install google chrome on the same, as google chrome is an open source browser which is based on Chromium. The Chromium codebase is the basis for Google’s Chrome browser.

Lets see how can you install google chrome in ubuntu

firefox tips & tricks

Fast and Quick Downloads in FireFox

Faster and quicker downloads in firefox is something which attracts every firefox user, we have already written an article about a firefox add on which lets you speed up downloads in firefox.

Today, we are going to list some of the useful extensions which will further help you to manage downloads in firefox more easily and quickly by providing various useful features, you can install all or some of them as per your requirement.


By using these extensions for firefox you can save lot of your time which you spent managing downloads in firefox.

Let’s discuss about these extensions for firefox one by one.

internet hacks & tips

Download Youtube Videos In FireFox With Add-ons

Downloading videos from youtube is one thing which any youtube user wants to know, there are large number ways to download a youtube video out of which we have previously posted about some of the ways like the following.

Today, we will tell you all the useful extensions or add ons for firefox to download youtube videos and some other videos like google video, metacafe videos and videos from other sites like dailymotion.


internet hacks & tips

Drag and Drop To Upload Files To Windows Sky Drive

Windows Sky Drive is one of the free service by Microsoft which lets you upload files, pictures, music and video online. Windows Sky Drive offers a disk space of 25 GB which is very sufficient to upload even big files through web.

But when it comes to upload the process involves some navigation clicks and then you need to browse the files which you want to upload, this process is very monotonous for some users.

Windows sky drive does not support any upload tool to upload files but there is simple way with you can upload files and folders just by dragging an dropping.


Windows sky drive drag and drop upload function will work in Internet Explorer but may not work with other browsers like firefox or google chrome.

Let’s see how can you use the drag and drop functionality in windows sky drive.

internet hacks & tips

Free Spam Filters For Outlook and Outlook Express

If you had landed up on this article you must be already annoyed by a large number of spam messages in your outlook mail account. Fighting with spam is one of them most common and difficult task when it comes to outlook as there is no automatic default mechanism in outlook to check whether a mail is spam or not.    spam-mails 

There are two free spam filters which lets you keep your outlook inbox clean and removes or deletes the spam mails before reaching your outlook inbox.

Let’s discuss about both of these free spam filters for outlook and elaborate their features more deeply.

useful software's

The Hat – Draw Random Names or Find Lucky Draw Winners Names

It is very common when people run various types of competition on their blogs and websites, many times the winners for such competition are chosen randomly out of all the participants

In such a case The Hat is a small FREE program which allows you to perform the lucky draw for all the names of the participants and get some winners out of them.


The Hat is a simple but effective utility which offers a cool and easy way to automatically determine a random name from the list of names you specify.

The program interface id quite simple, Lets see how can you use this free program to decide winners for a randomly out of a list.

useful software's

Get Aero In Windows XP

Fast Aero ( via Ghacks ) is a small FREE utility which allows to to have aero glass effects in windows XP jus like you windows vista

Aero Glass effect in vista is another cool effect which makes the borders of the windows transparent against the background. Windows Aero Glass adds a level of translucency to all windows in vista.


Fast Aero is FREE program which does not even require any installation you just need double click the executable to run it.

Lets see how to use Fast Aero to enable aero in Windows XP