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Clean – Delete Index.dat files on Windows

Index.dat files are windows system files on windows which records every web site you visit with internet explorer. These files are hidden on your computer that contain all of the Web sites that you have ever visited.

Every URL, and every Web page is listed there. Not only that but all of the email that has been sent or received through Outlook or Outlook Express is also being logged. Microsoft has not supplied an adequate explanation as to what these files are for or why they have been hidden so well.


According to Microsoft, these index.dat files are used to store cache of visited sites to speed up the loading of sites in Internet Explorer. But this cannot be the case because when we delete the Temporary Internet Files the “index.dat” files remain behind.

Irrespective of what ever program you have been using to clean windows history they may clean but does not delete index.dat files on your computer as they protected in real time by windows operating system.

Let’s see how can you either clean or delete all the information stored inside these index.dat files on your windows computer

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Saver Starter – Start Screen Saver As Per Mouse Position On Desktop

Saver Starter is cool freeware which lets you start your computer screen saver according to your mouse cursor positions. So, you can simply instruct your computer to start the current screensaver by placing the mouse cursor to any corner of your screen which you have configured.

When you start Saver Starter a yellow coloured square will appear in your system tray


When it turns red, it means that the Saver Starter has disabled the current screen saver and stopped it from running.


If it turns green then it means that it is about to activate the current screen saver.


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Download Videos From Youtube, DailyMotion, Metacafe and lot more other sites

Vdownloader is a FREE windows utility which lets you download videos from you favourite sites like youtube, google video and from other sites including.

Following list of sites are supported with Vdownloader from where you can download any video on these sites.

  • Youtube (in HD if available)
  • Google Video
  • DailyMotion
  • MySpace
  • Veoh
  • GoFish
  • Netlog
  • Blip TV
  • Porkolt
  • Metacafe
  • 123 Video
  • Bolt
  • Vreel (Beta)
  • Clevver
  • Tudou
  • VSocial
  • Lulu TV
  • Guba
  • HideBehind
  • Dale al Play
  • Yahoo! Video
  • Hispavista
  • Vimeo

    Vdownloader supports a large number of video formats for the video to be downloaded and saved on your desktop.

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    Backup flickr account photos

    If for any reason you want to backup all the photos you had uploaded to flickr, there are lots of free tools available which lets you backup all your flickr uploaded photos easily.


    When it comes to backup of flickr account it could be case when you are moving to a new computer, or may be you want to backup all the photos and then store them on cd/dvd

    Out of all the free tools available we have selected two of them which are best and easy to use out of all the tools. One of the tool is Downloadr and other one is Flickr Backup and both of them are free.

    Let’s discuss about these tools one by one and do a comparative review in between them.

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    Hide Start Button On Taskbar

    Start button is the most frequently clicked button in windows but on the other hand some windows users will agree that it takes some valuable desktop space which can be utilized otherwise.

    Today, We will tell you how can remove the start button form your desktop and make it invisible from your eyes with a free utility called Start Killer

    Taskbar with Start Button


    Taskbar without Start Button


    After removing start button from taskbar you will get more space on the taskbar to store more opened windows and applications.

    Let’s see how can you remove the start button from taskbar or in other words make start button invisible on the start menu.

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    Get Windows Seven Like Start Menu on Vista and XP

    VSE7 is a FREE program which lets make your windows Vista or XP start menu look like windows seven. It lets you emulate all those effects of windows seven start menu on your windows vista and xp start menu.


    VSE7 will provide some great features windows seven start menu like enhanced UI with better effects like blur, recent items list and pinning and application rating system.

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    Hide Name In Start Menu In Windows

    Hide Name In Start Menu is another free utility by intelliadmin which lets you hide your name on the windows start menu at the top in windows xp

    Start-Menu-With-Name Start-Menu -Without-Name

    As Shown in the screenshot above you can see one with user name not hidden in the start menu and the second snapshot does not have the start menu text as username.

    There are two methods with which you can remove or hide your name in start menu.

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    IE 7 Tweak Utility – Tweak Internet Explorer 7

    With IE 7 Tweak Utility from intelliadmin you can easily tweak and change the look and feel of Internet Explorer 7.

    IE 7 Tweak utility lets you tweak some of things associated with Internet Explorer 7.

    IE 7 tweak Utility

    IE 7 Tweak Utility allows you to hide the search bar, Hide the File Menu and Hide the Command bar