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Freeware To Lock File and Folders in Vista

We have already posted a lot more on file and folder locking previously like how to lock folders in XP with and with out software and also how can you create super hidden folder in windows.

Yesterday, I found two small and easy to use FREE utility to lock files and folders for vista but also work for windows XP also.


One of the utility is called My Folder and Instant Lock, both of these programs are freeware.

Let discuss the working of both of these folder locking programs one by one.  

My Folder – It is another free program designed to protect your files and folders, it allows you to create password protect folders on the local hard drive, Password is required on access attempt to the protected folder.


Features of My Folder:

  • Password protect your files and folders
  • Password is required to access the locked folder
  • Folder are even protect in safe mode and in DOS mode also.
  • Can be used in a multi user environment

Download My Folder

Instant Lock – Instant lock is another FREE file and folder locking program which works both in windows XP and Vista. You can totally protect, lock and hide all your private folders and other precious files from other users.


Features of Instant Lock

  • Password Protect your files and folders   
  • Unlock folders with simple click
  • Folders will be completely invisible from other users
  • Protected files are not even accessible from safe mode and DOS prompt
  • Fully Portable program you carry the programs files wherever you want
  • Protect files and folder are encrypted and cannot be accessed from other operating systems

Download Instant Lock

2 replies on “Freeware To Lock File and Folders in Vista”

i am really interested to download “My Folder”.
but when i click to download, the ‘page load error’ comes out..
i think there is something wrong with it..
please help me..
thank you very much

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