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Shouttr – Listen To Your To Tweets Rather Than Reading Them

Shouttr comes under such those innovative twitter clients which offers some different and innovative features which you may have not thought of.

Shouttr allows you to listen to the tweets you receive on your public timeline rather than reading them, it sits in your system tray in windows and shouts the tweets received. You can also repeat tweets to listen them again in case you haven’t listened them properly before.


Shouttr is currently in alpha stage and it allows you to read and post tweets, more over you can configure the voices which you want to hear including the voices accent like male, female, sexy and so on.

You can also assign different voices to different people on twitter, currently there are 8 different voices. As this version is alpha version of Shouttr so it comes with basic features required, but developer has planned to add new celebrity voices and even it will take voice as input to twitter for tweeting.

You can check out the promotional video for Shouttr which demonstrate just how does it work

Visit Shouttr Page To Download

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