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KUninstall – Uninstall and Remove All Traces Of Uninstalled Programs From Your Computer

KUninstall is a FREE utility which lets you uninstall any program on your computer very easily through it program interface. It is quite small but very powerful and effective tool for removing the unwanted software programs on your computer.


It lets you clean out all the traces of the currently un-installed programs and permit you search and remove any traces left behind after un installation in the registry.

It works quite quickly to remove any of the selected programs out of the list of programs installed. The most important reason behind using this program is that it very fast as compared to add remove programs in windows xp and Program and Features in windows vista.

Using the finder tool integrated in KUninstall you can even remove or uninstall running programs by killing the process associated with that program. You just need to click the running program and then click the finder on the interface of KUninstall.


Another very useful advantage of this application is that is it completely portable so you can take it any where on your pen drive. 

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