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WhatInStartup – Enable / Disable / Delete Programs In Windows Startup

WhatInStartup is a FREE program which lets you see all programs which gets loaded on microsoft system startup. It will display the list of programs in your windows startup.

All the programs will shown with the following information like Startup Type ( Registry/Startup Folder) , Command Line String, Product Name, File Version, Company Name and Location path in the windows registry.


This programs is quite simple to use and it completely portable also, moreover there are keyboard shortcuts which lets you enable / disable these programs in windows through simple hot function keys.

It will show you all the programs as a complete list as some of the programs you can even see in msconfig startup programs like those which are of type Registry >> Machine Run 

It also allows you to disable a program permanently through Permanently Disabling Feature, to remove those programs which you have added to the list when you had disabled them previously.

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