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Download Portable Ubuntu For Windows

After the release of Ubuntu desktop editions, it has become quite easy for anyone to install ubuntu with windows vista or xp. With Wubi you can make it more simple by installing ubuntu in windows without formatting or creating any partition.


Some time back we discussed about how can you install ubuntu on USB drive, today we will tell you about portable ubuntu available which you can easily run on windows.

Lets find out what more can portable ubuntu for windows can offer.


Portable Ubuntu comes around at a size of 438 Mega Byte which is actually a self extracting file. You just need to extract the files at any specific location in windows and locate and double click the file named run_portable_ubuntu.bat to run ubuntu.

Note: It works on all the versions of Windows XP, Windows Vista and any other windows machine.

Download Portable Ubuntu

3 replies on “Download Portable Ubuntu For Windows”

I followed all the instructions and Portable Ubuntu does not run; nor under Administrator privileges. I have Windows Vista.

So what happens to the partitions and memory and storage space allocations? Does it do all these automatically?

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