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UNetbootin – Install Any Version Linux To Your USB Drive or Hard Drive Partition

UNetbootin is one such free application which allows you to install various linux / BSD distributions to your hard drive partition or USB drive connected to your computer.


You can even create a disk image (ISO) simply on your computer and later burn it on the disc. This small tool is created by ubuntu which will help you install a wide variety of linux distributions on your portable USB drive.

ubuntu tips

Download Yahoo Messenger For Ubuntu Linux With Webcam, Voice Chat, Photo Sharing Support

Yahoo messenger is one such IM tool which is most widely used, but for those use ubuntu linux, redhat linux or any other version of linux always miss yahoo messenger.


There are two versions of yahoo messenger available for linux build, the official version of yahoo messenger can be downloaded from here, but it lacks in major yahoo messenger features like webcam, voice chat and photo sharing etc, so it can be used to for text chatting.

One more way to install yahoo messenger is given below

1. Install libssl0.9.6 through Synaptic or type the following on the terminal

sudo apt-get install libssl0.9.6

2. Download this file from
3. In the terminal, write the following command

sudo dpkg -i /path/ymessenger_1.0.4_1_i386.deb

replacing path with the path to where you downloaded the file.

4. Run /usr/bin/ymessenger and follow instructions to setup Yahoo! Messenger.

Another version of yahoo messenger is implemented using Gyachi which is a yahoo client for linux which supports almost all the features of yahoo messenger including all mentioned above including photo sharing, voice chat, file sharing, group chat etc and lots more.

ubuntu tips

Download Portable Ubuntu For Windows

After the release of Ubuntu desktop editions, it has become quite easy for anyone to install ubuntu with windows vista or xp. With Wubi you can make it more simple by installing ubuntu in windows without formatting or creating any partition.


Some time back we discussed about how can you install ubuntu on USB drive, today we will tell you about portable ubuntu available which you can easily run on windows.

Lets find out what more can portable ubuntu for windows can offer.

ubuntu tips

Easy Way To Install Ubuntu Linux On USB Drive

Ubuntu is one of most active group behind modifying linux and making it easy for windows users to accept and try ubuntu linux with more user acceptability.

Out of the all those Ubuntu community has taken the initiative of proving desktop edition of ubuntu linux which can be easily installed and uninstalled from windows itself. The only thing that was quite difficult till now was to install ubuntu linux on a USB portable drive.

But now with uSbuntu Live Creator which is the safest and easiest way to install ubuntu linux on your USB portable drive which enables you to install and run ubuntu directly from your USB drive.


You can install ubuntu on USB drive either from a ubuntu iso image you have, or from a ubuntu installation cd and you don’t have them then you need download the iso image of ubuntu from here.

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Install Google Chrome In Ubuntu

I am actively playing with Ubuntu Intrepid 8.1 installed with dual boot configuration with windows vista pre installed on my hp laptop tx1000.

As by default the you have firefox as the only browser in ubuntu so I thought why not install google chrome on the same, as google chrome is an open source browser which is based on Chromium. The Chromium codebase is the basis for Google’s Chrome browser.

Lets see how can you install google chrome in ubuntu

ubuntu tips

Mount NTFS / FAT32 Windows Drive In Ubuntu

Recently I got my ubuntu Cd’s shipped to my home place, I was so curious to try ubuntu desktop edition which can be easily installed and configured with dual boot on my hp tx1000 laptop which had vista previously installed. After installation Ubuntu easily integrated and add a new entry with in the vista bootloader.

But the most disappointing thing I noticed in ubuntu is that I was not able to access the songs and other files which were there in the windows drive from ubuntu.

So, if you are facing the same problem don’t worry as I have the solution for you, Lets see how I solved the problem and mounted the windows ntfs and fat32 drive in ubuntu.

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Configure Wi Fi In Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex With Broadcom Network Adapter

Recently, I installed Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex on my hp laptop – tx1000 but after installing ubuntu the first problem I faced was how to configure wi fi in Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex.

I searched a lot on google and tweeted the same on twitter and asked my followers then got some awesome results from my friends on twitter with some amazing links which almost solved my problem, and finally i was able to configure wireless in ubuntu with broadcom wireless adapter.

Wireless configuration on ubuntu depends on the wireless network adapter you have,  In my case it was broadcom network adapter.

Let’s see how can you configure wi fi in ubuntu with broadcom wireless adapter

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Stop Display Brightness Goes Dim In Ubuntu On Battery

After installing ubuntu desktop edition on my hp laptop with vista in a dual boot configuration, I faced all these problems like configuring wireless on ubuntu with broadcom and then how to install my favorite twitter client – tweetdeck on ubuntu.

After solving all these problem I noticed a quite different problem which relates with the display of my laptop screen which goes dim or brightness decreases to a great level if I run ubuntu on bettery. But when I run ubuntu on charger it runs with approprite brightness.

After some play around in ubuntu I was able to fix the display brightness getting dim on battery, lets see how I fixed this problem