Recover Extract Text From Damaged Word 2007 Docx Document

It happens some times when one of the very precious docx document of your get corrupted and after all the attempts being made you cannot open or recover any thing from that docx file document.

Damageddocx2txt is a FREE utility designed by Sandeep Kumar. This utility is quite easy to use tool to extract text from damaged/corrupted word 2007 docx file.


It is quite easy to use program as you just need to run it and click File >> Open and locate the file to be opened and text to be extracted.

This small utility can really be a life saver for you at your office when you have a very crucial document which is corrupted. It also comes with command line version of the program named CakeCmd.exe which you can use from command prompt.

Note: You will need to install .Net Framework to run this tool

Download Damageddocx2txt

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