Word Reader 5.0 – Free Alternative Word Document Reader To Read All Types Of Word Documents

Word Reader is one such free tool which is quite nice and fast alternative word document reader which can open any word document in it.


It can open Microsoft Word 2007(docx document), Microsoft Word 97-2003(doc document), Hyper Text Markup Language (Htm, Html), Plain Text Format (*.txt), Rich Text Format(RTF), Plain Text Format(TXT).

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Disable Useless Add-ins and Services In Microsoft Office, Access, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Publisher, Word

Topalt Enable-Disable Office Add-ins is a FREE to use tool which lets you enable or disable the current installed add ins with some microsoft office products including office, outlook, access, excel, powerpoint, word, publisher etc.


It can help you get rid of those add ins in microsoft products which get installed at the time of installation, with in single mouse click you can enable or disable any add-in installed.


Free .PST Recovery Utility Tool

If you are used to moving your outlook profile from one computer to another then this tool could be quite useful, as you may have a corrupted .pst file which cannot be imported in the outlook on the new computer.

It happens to many of us when .pst or Personal Folders file which contains email, calendar, contacts, tasks & more in Outlook gets corrupted, damaged. But only some people know that microsoft provides a free tool called Inbox Repair Tool as Scanpst.exe  

This small tool can be at different path depending on the Microsoft Outlook version you are using.

In Outlook XP, 2003 – Scanpst.exe will be found at the following path

C:\Program Files\Common Files\System\MSMAPI\LocaleID 

In Outlook 2007 – Scanpst.exe will be found at the following path

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\OFFICE12Now

(assuming C drive is where your OS is installed)


Recover Extract Text From Damaged Word 2007 Docx Document

It happens some times when one of the very precious docx document of your get corrupted and after all the attempts being made you cannot open or recover any thing from that docx file document.

Damageddocx2txt is a FREE utility designed by Sandeep Kumar. This utility is quite easy to use tool to extract text from damaged/corrupted word 2007 docx file.


It is quite easy to use program as you just need to run it and click File >> Open and locate the file to be opened and text to be extracted.


MacroMaker Free Macros Creator To Automate Repetitive Tasks

MacroMaker is a FREE macro creating software which lets you create macros to perform the repetitive tasks automatically. A macro created by MacroMaker will help you to automate the some tiring repetitive tasks on your computer.

What is a Macro?

A macro in computer science is a rule or pattern that specifies how a certain input sequence should be mapped to an output sequence according to a defined procedure.


MacroMaker lets you create all sorts of macros from keyboard strokes, it lets you create all sorts of macros from simplest to complex ones. All these recorded keystrokes can be executed by user defined keyboard shortcut or through a keyword.


Find / Locate Outlook Attachment With OutlookAttachView

OutlookAttachView is a FREE program which will scan all the messages in outlook and displays the list of all the attached files which comes in those mails. 

OutlookAttachView allows you to locate and save single or multiple mail attachment and save them separately in a desired folder. Moreover you can delete the unwanted large attachments which you don’t need any more.


This program is completely portable program which does not require any installation process or additional dll files. In order to use the program you just need to run the executable file called OutlookAttachView.exe


Remove ribbons and save space in office 2007

I have seen lots of people trying to adopt with the new look and feel of office 2007 applications. With the introduction of ribbons in office 2007 it becomes quite difficult to find the old frequently used features like Formatting, Tools etc which we are used to from office 97-2003.

In all the new features as ribbons in office 2007 applications seems quite annoying to people than useful right now, another problem which user face due to ribbons in office 2007 applications is that these ribbons takes 20% percent of the total space of the entire.


Let’s take an example of office 2007 word and find out how can we contract office 2007 ribbons.


Add old Word 2003 classic menu layout to Word 2007

I have been using office 2007 for sometime now and become quite used to the know how, features and tools location in Microsoft Word 2007.

With Office 2007 released the old classic menu layout which includes File | Edit | View and so on is replaced by the new web 2.0 tabbed ribbon interface which includes Home | Insert | Page Layout and so on ( as shown in the image below).


But, I have seen lot of people wasting so much time to actually locate different features like Format ,Tool and Table etc which appears simply in the old classic word 2003 menu layout.

Let’s see how can you restore the old classic word 2003 menu layout in word 2007.