Remove ribbons and save space in office 2007

I have seen lots of people trying to adopt with the new look and feel of office 2007 applications. With the introduction of ribbons in office 2007 it becomes quite difficult to find the old frequently used features like Formatting, Tools etc which we are used to from office 97-2003.

In all the new features as ribbons in office 2007 applications seems quite annoying to people than useful right now, another problem which user face due to ribbons in office 2007 applications is that these ribbons takes 20% percent of the total space of the entire.


Let’s take an example of office 2007 word and find out how can we contract office 2007 ribbons.

There is a simple trick which will let you hide an show ribbons in office 2007.

How to hide/show ribbons in office 2007

1. Let’s see how does office look with ribbons shown or ribbons maximized


2. In order to hide ribbons you need to right click on the ribbons and select Minimize the Ribbon


3. That’s it, you will notice some more space in any office 2007 applications after minimizing ribbons.

Any time you want to get ribbon to come back in office 2007 just right click on the minimized office 2007 ribbon and select Minimize the Ribbon to get the ribbons back.

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