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Free Light Weight PDF Reader Viewer Application For Windows

Perfect PDF Reader is the best free alternative tool for viewing PDF documents after adobe reader. But it is actually better than Acrobat Reader as it is very fast as compared to acrobat reader.

Perfect PDF Reader is one of the very lightweight and fast PDF viewer which is free from any heavy menus like adobe acrobat reader.


It provides a cool looking interface around the PDF to be read, you can review all the PDF documents in the same ribbon like interface that appears with Microsoft Office

Moreover you can save any of the PDF you view with Perfect PDF Reader as plain text , extract the images inside the PDF. You can also mail the PDF documents directly through the application.

Note:  There is one limitation in Perfect PDF Reader, that you can not open more than one PDF document at a time.

Some Crucial Features of Perfect PDF Reader

1. Fast reading or viewing of PDF as compared to Adobe Acrobat Reader

2. Small Setup size means less download saves your internet bandwidth

3. Extract the images out of the PDF you read with Perfect PDF Reader

4. Convert the PDF documents to Plain Text

Download Perfect PDF Reader

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