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Free Photos To Video Converter

Picture2avi is a free program which lets you convert any number of photos into single avi movie which can be easily burned on the cd/dvd to be played on any vcd or dvd player.

It lets you create a free photo slide show movie as avi file which can be burned on the cd through any cd burning software.


The conversion of photos into a movie slide show is so easy and fast because of its simple program interface, including there are different transition effects which you can apply like slide effect, fade effect or special mirror effect to the final video you get as an output.

Following image formats are supported as input to picture to avi converter


You can specify the dimensions of the video created and also add audio to the output avi movie.


Click the check box with text Include audio to add wav audio file as audio in video slide show. This program could be the best free program to create slide show video out of your photos and optionally you can burn the video on the cd / dvd as well.

The output avi video file is supported to for playing in most of the video players available.The duration of each picture being shown can be changed by changing the number of frames for a photo i.e 20 frames = 1 second, if the picture is set to have 20 frames then it will be displayed in the slide show video for 1 second. 

Requirements: It will require .NET Framework 2.0 to run

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