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WirelessGet – Fast Copy Files and Folders Over Low Strength Wi Fi (WLAN) Network

WirelessGet is a free programs which allows you copy shared files and folders over unreliable or low strength WLAN Network. Windows explorer normally fails to copy files across a WLAN or Wi Fi Network some times due to the size of the files or instability of the Wi Fi network.


It solves the problem hanging windows explorer while copying the files over WLAN network and works great in copying files and folders from remote drives on other computer on the network including USB, CD-R(W)/DVD.

Misleneous Features Of WirelessGet

  • Copy Files and Folders with Resume capability
  • You can use write cache to protect your hard disk while copying
  • It can monitor your clipboard, with drag and drop support, easy to use
  • It can Shutdown when finished copying
  • You can Copy folder with filter defined

Download WirelessGet

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