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Free Process Priority Changer For Windows

Process Manager for windows is a free program which lets you change the priority of any application in windows. The developer of this program is Arif Ali Saiyed is one of my friend.

Process Manager actually integrates lot many features in windows which makes this free program worth using.


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Change Default Icons In Windows – SysIcon

SysIcon is a FREE utility which allows you to change default sets of icons in windows, its not a image editor but performs necessary changes to registry in order to change default icons in windows.

It allows you to change the almost all the shell icons including default folder icon, start menu icon, control panel icon, unknown file type icon, my computer icon, drive icon, network icon and lot more other system icons can be changed.


You can also change the shortcut overlay, default run icon, all programs icons etc In short you can use this free program to change the default icons on any thing on windows.

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Update Windows Programs Easily With Update Notifier

Update Notifier is small program which lets you update any of your windows programs very easily to the latest version available. It scans your computer for all the installed software and displays the list of updates.


You can also create a watch list for any other application you want to monitor which is not installed on your computer.

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Free Data Recovery Software For Windows

It happens many times when you or some other person delete some important files or folders from your hard drive, pen drive or memory card and you feel helpless as you don’t know how to recover the deleted file.

DiskDigger (Via another free data recovery software which recover files from any type of media including USB flash drives, memory cards (SD, CompactFlash, Memory Stick, etc), and your hard drive also.

This program can recover deleted files including photos, videos, music, documents, and other formats also.


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Free RAR Password Cracker Download

Free RAR password cracker allows you to crack and decrypt the password of the RAR file and extract the password protected contents.

Free RAR password crackers are really useful to break the password protected file of RAR files that you may have downloaded from torrents and through forum links fro rapidshare. It could also be a case when you have protected a RAR file with a password and forgot the password after then.

After some searching I was able to find out two free RAR passwords crackers which are free and easy to use. Both of these rar password crackers apply brute force and dictionary attacks to break the password of the RAR file.

Let’s discuss both of these tools to crack the password of the rar file

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Shape Collage – Free Collage Creating Software

Shape Collage is one of the best free software to create some innovative collages of different shapes including standard rectangle, circle shaped collage, heart shaped collage, text shaped means collage shaped as specific letters or a custom mask.


This free tool lets you create all sorts of photo collages ranging from different shapes and sizes.

Lets see how can you create a collage of any shape with this software with in 3 easy steps.

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Free DVD Video Cutter

Free DVD Cutter Plus is completely free software which lets you cut a part of dvd videos and save the cut part on any where on your hard disk.

You can save the specific video clip out of the entire video which you can cut from the full video file very easily.


Any DVD Clip made by this software out of any DVD video has the same quality as of the original full DVD video on the DVD. Free DVD Cutter can be really helpful for cutting out small parts of the video from the large DVD Videos.

Let’s see how can you cut a small video clip out of the full DVD video

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Free News Screensaver – MappedUp

Many of us use screensavers for our computer when we set our computer idel for some time, MappedUp is a cool FREE screensaver which is actually made up of modern world map and continuously popping up with some interesting news going around the world.


In order to customise mapped up you will need to sign up, so that you can personalise the RSS feeds that appear on the screensaver, but it is not necessary.