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End Inactive Tasks On Your Computer

JustCloseSomeTasks is a small FREE utility which lets you close inactive tasks running on your computer and lets you free up the taskbar space.

It so simple to use as it automatically list up all the tasks which are in opened state but inactive, out of which you can select which ones you want to end.


With JustCloseSomeTasks you can save the taskbar space and free up the memory portion and CPU being utilised by these inactive tasks.

It also lets you configure hot keyboard shortcut to launch the application and can be run automatically on windows startup.

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Desktops: Get Virtual Desktops On Windows

Desktops is FREE utlity which allows you organise your applications in between four multiple desktops, this is the first virtual desktop tool released my Microsoft.


Desktops uses separate windows desktop objects for each virtual desktop and easy switching in between them with easy shortcuts key you define at the time of launching the application.

If you have not defined any shortcuts for these virtual desktops then by default you can switch in between the desktop by pressing alt+1 for the first desktop, alt+2 for the second desktop and so on till the 4th desktop.

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Free Word 2007 Docx and OpenOffice Swx To Rtf Format Converter

It really becomes a big problem some times when you receive a Microsoft Word 2007 docx document or an OpenOffice Swx document which you can read, as you neither have office 2007 installed nor open office installed on your computer.

You may have office 2003 or later which can’t read any of the above mentioned format files, so best option is to change default extension while saving in word 2007 to doc.


However there are some solutions available to solve this problem like some online converter services like and others. Even Microsoft has released a compatibility pack for office 2003 which lets you read office 2007 docx documents in office 2003, you can download the compatibility pack from here.

But In short all these ways to convert docx documents or downloading the compatibility pack needs takes time, which you don’t have some times if it is an important document to read quickly.

So, we will suggest you a free utility NW Docx Converter, NW Docx Converter is a FREE application designed to convert Word 2007 Docx and OpenOffice Swx and Odt files to universal RTF format.

Let’s discuss the features of NW Docx Converter 

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Free Notebook Battery Monitor Application

Many times you feel the need to have a separate battery monitoring application on your laptop, as you tend to forget about the low status of your battery.

There are few FREE applications available on web which lets you monitor and alert you about the remaining battery status, we are going to review these applications today.


There are two most simple and popular programs which will tell you how much power is remaining in your laptop battery. We have already written an artcle baout a FREE utility which alert on low battery on notebook.

Let’s discuss both of these programs one by one

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Drag n Drop Files and Folder Path To Command Window In Vista

Many times we want to open paste the path to the current folder we are browsing through windows explorer in vista, but when we try to drag and drop the folder or the file in command prompt we can’t do it as it not allowed in windows by default.

DropCommand is a small windows add on which lets you enable the features of draging and droping the files and folder path in windows command prompt.

You can drag and drop multiple files in window command prompt after installing and running DropCommand

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Remove Dead Links and Duplicates In Browser Bookmarks

AM-DeadLink is a FREE tool which lets you remove the dead links and duplicates out of your browser bookmarks in Internet Explorer, Firefox Bookmarks and Opera Bookmarks.

Out of your large number of browsers bookmarks you can verify and remove all the unavailable bookmarks and delete them permanently.


AM-DeadLink can also check the URLs from tab delimited text files and URLs from comma separated text files,  moreover you can also download FavIcons for the available bookmarks.

Lets see how can you use AM-DeadLink to check bookmarks on various browsers and download the favicon also for the bookmarks

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Reveal Hidden Process On Your Computer

Process Revealer FREE edition lest you see all the process running on your computer, it list all the process running including all system process, hidden process and all other process which may not have a active window.

If your computer is running slowly there may a process which is utilizing most of the CPU usage, you can find that process using process revealer. It analyse all the running processes with maximum accuracy.


Each entry displayed in Process Revealer is displayed with detailed information about the running process. Process Revealer also lets you locate the location on the process file on your hard disk.

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Clean – Delete Index.dat files on Windows

Index.dat files are windows system files on windows which records every web site you visit with internet explorer. These files are hidden on your computer that contain all of the Web sites that you have ever visited.

Every URL, and every Web page is listed there. Not only that but all of the email that has been sent or received through Outlook or Outlook Express is also being logged. Microsoft has not supplied an adequate explanation as to what these files are for or why they have been hidden so well.


According to Microsoft, these index.dat files are used to store cache of visited sites to speed up the loading of sites in Internet Explorer. But this cannot be the case because when we delete the Temporary Internet Files the “index.dat” files remain behind.

Irrespective of what ever program you have been using to clean windows history they may clean but does not delete index.dat files on your computer as they protected in real time by windows operating system.

Let’s see how can you either clean or delete all the information stored inside these index.dat files on your windows computer