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Password Protect Programs In Windows To Run

Many of us share our computer with other users like our brother, sisters and friends etc. But we may not to allow them to run all the programs which we use.

For Example: If some one uses firefox browser and his passwords remembered and his browsing history saved but he don’t want to use any master password or clear up his browsing history just because some other person is going to use his computer, Rather he wants to protect firefox or any other program he use with a password.

Empathy is a FREE program which lets you protect any of your windows program like Firefox, Internet Explorer or any other program installed on your computer.


This program password protects any executable file on your computer, also creates a backup before locking an executable. So, if you want any program to password protect, just locate the executable file or exe of the program in Empathy, enter the password and click protect.

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Free Laptop Battery Meter : PowerMeter

We have recently written about two FREE applications one of them is a free low  battery laptop alarm and the other one is Battery Bar which shows you the remaining time and power left in your laptop battery before it drains out completely.


PowerMeter (via LifeRocks 2.0)is another free tool which displays the amount of battery power left in your laptop battery, one of the amazing feature of this utility is the horizontal battery bar becomes more visible and the colour changes as the power level of your laptop battery becomes more critical.

When the battery is nearly full ( above 80% = green, below 20% = red, in between 80-20%  = orange)


Half empty, more visible and more alerting color


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Mount Live CD Without Rebooting Windows

Linux is some thing which many users of windows like to see and run at least once, so the concept of Linux Live CD came in. But some of us are so lazy or may find the process of rebooting with a Live CD some what more time consuming as it involves the changing the booting priority of drives through BIOS.

MobaLiveCD is a small freeware software which lets you run a Linux Live CD on windows itself with out any rebooting required. This means you can run both windows and linux together with MobaLiveCD


MobaLiveCD allows you to test Live CD just after downloading with out burning to an actual cd and you can avoid rebooting to run the LiveCD

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Free Low Battery Alarm For Laptop : Battery Alarm

Windows vista does not play any audible sound when your laptop reaches a critical battery level rather it displays a small pop message which most of the people miss many times.

Laptop Battery Alarm is a FREE software which lets you play an audible alert when your laptop battery level drops to specific power level which you can specify. You can also set it to repeat the alarm after every 5 minutes.


As you can see in the image above this small utility sits silently in windows system tray and play notification sound when your laptop battery reaches a critical level.

Laptop Battery Alarm is small easy to use tool, does not require any installation but runs simply by clicking the executable of the program. You can also select a different wav file to play as a notification sound for low battery.

(via 🙂

Download Laptop Battery Alarm

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See Remaining Notebook Battery Time Display In TaskBar

Almost every person who uses a laptop wants to know about the exact timing of the battery backup remaining on the laptop. Yesterday I was googling for the same and I found this amazing utility called BatteryBar.

BatteryBar is very simple tool which calculates the battery backup time as per the remaining percentage of battery you are left with on your laptop and displays it in the taskbar in the form of battery bar. BatteryBar displays the time left on your battery in hours:minutes format.


BatteryBar does not include any help file or executable associated with it loads few dll and gets embedded with windows explorer.