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Free Lyrics Getter – Find & Save Lyrics For Any Song For Free

LyricsGetter is a free  program which lets you get free lyrics for any song you n the basis of the title of the song or artist. This program grabs the song lyrics which can further printed, saved and copied for further use.

It can easily integrate with Winamp, so you can even search from the winamp interface to grab the song lyrics for free for any song you want. Even if you use the LyricsGetter, it has a very simple interface which provides you with a search box to search for the lyrics of any song.


It is quite simple and easy to use program to grab the lyrics of your favourite song, you can search for the lyrics by proving the title of the song or the name of the artist who sung it.

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QuickWayToFolders – Quick Way To Access Folders Contents

QuickWayToFolders is a FREE application which allows you to have very quick access to the folder contents for which you define the path in the application.

You just need to add a folder to QuickWayToFolders and you can access the folder contents as quick as possible. There are four type of displays for the fodler contents is possible.

Desktop – It will look like your desktop with the option of navigation through the subfolders.


Browser – It offers a look like windows explorer to see all the contents inside that folder.


Menu – This type of layout will display all the folders contents in a menu form.


Multiple Folders Menu – This layout will display the folder contents in a single menu in which each new folder path you add will be displayed in taskbar notification area.


After installing QuickWayToFolders it will run automatically in the system tray as an icon and you can double click any time to access the folder contents quickly.

Download QuickWayToFolders

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Free .CHM Help Creator | Free Help Authoring Tool

HelpMaker is a completely free help authoring tool which lets you create a help files for any software you want. Help files are one of the most crucial part of any documentation. This is one such tool which gives you all the advanced features that any other paid professional help file creator can offer.

Help files enables users to learn everything and clearing up their doubts about the software and HelpMaker makes is easy and fast to create those help files for free with HelpMaker


This programs allows you to create the help file for your software very easily from scratch, also offers some extra tools to create image maps, button and icons.

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Rename MP3 Files To Logical Names With Meracl MP3 Renamer

Meracl MP3 Renamer is simple FREE program which lets you rename the downloaded mp3 files from internet to logical files name which includes the song title, artist name etc which will help you recognize the song at the time of playing in mp3 player.

Let’s understand this with an example, lets say you have a mp3 song with the file name as Track04.mp3 this little mp3 renaming lets you rename it to something like Will Smith – M I B.mp3


It uses the ID3 tag which remains intact in any mp3 and uses the information to rename the cryptic looking MP3 files into something more logical which you can understand better.

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Free Display Tuner For Your Monitor

Tuning the monitor can be really become mess sometimes when you don’t know the exact controls and buttons to use, specially when you are tuning some one else monitor.

Display tuner is a FREE program which lets you tune any monitor which any kind to physical touch to the monitor you are using, you just need to install this program to start tuning your monitor for display.


Display tuner access the settings such as brightness, contrast, color settings or geometry and also extends with adjustment of speaker settings of your monitor.