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The Hat – Draw Random Names or Find Lucky Draw Winners Names

It is very common when people run various types of competition on their blogs and websites, many times the winners for such competition are chosen randomly out of all the participants

In such a case The Hat is a small FREE program which allows you to perform the lucky draw for all the names of the participants and get some winners out of them.


The Hat is a simple but effective utility which offers a cool and easy way to automatically determine a random name from the list of names you specify.

The program interface id quite simple, Lets see how can you use this free program to decide winners for a randomly out of a list.

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Get Aero In Windows XP

Fast Aero ( via Ghacks ) is a small FREE utility which allows to to have aero glass effects in windows XP jus like you windows vista

Aero Glass effect in vista is another cool effect which makes the borders of the windows transparent against the background. Windows Aero Glass adds a level of translucency to all windows in vista.


Fast Aero is FREE program which does not even require any installation you just need double click the executable to run it.

Lets see how to use Fast Aero to enable aero in Windows XP

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.Net Framework Cleanup Tool To Remove Or Clean Any .NET Framework

.Net Framework Cleanup Tool is a small FREE utility which lets you clean up any issues you are facing installing ,uninstalling repair or patching errors in a particular framework.

.Net Framework Cleanup Tool lets you restore your system to a relatively clean state so that you can re install the respective framework without facing any errors in the installation of a particular framework


You just need to select the .net framework version for which you are gfacing the problem and press the button Cleanup Now

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Cannot Uninstall Anti-Spyware and Anti-Virus Programs On Windows

We all install many programs on windows by time and some times when you try to uninstall a program it does get uninstalled so it leave registry in a mess and the files of the programs are left undeleted, due to the same reason you may find problems in removing the anti spyware or anti virus programs. Improper Uninstall of programs can cause invalid entries in add/remove programs.

AppRemover is a FREE utility which comes to rescue in this kind of situation which lets you remove various anti spyware and anti virus programs when you face problem in uninstalling them.


AppRemover small .exe which does not require any installation, so you just need to run the executable to run AppRemover.

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Export Crashed Registry With Windows Registry Recovery

Windows Registry Recovery is a cool free utility which comes rescue when your windows registry crashed or corrupted, windows registry recovery lets you read the registry hives and also let them export any registry key.

Windows Registry Recovery offers a multiple document interface in which every topic data can be saved into a separate CSV


All the registry hive can be exported into REGEDIT4 format, Let’s see how can you use this tool to export or read the corrupted registry.