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Download free firewall for your computer – GeSWall

GeSWall (GentleSecurityWall)  is useful and free program which lets you protect your system against key loggers, rootkits, trojans etc

GeSWall is free firewall for you from intrusions and malicious softwares by isolation and limiting rights and permissions among the programs which you use on your system.


GentleSecurityWall will protect your computer against the various internet threats and network services, specially protects your confedentaility of your precious data and damage from intrusions

Key features of GeSWall includes the following.

  • Prevents Keyloggers
  • Protects confidentiality
  • Central Management through Active Directory Group Policy
  • Prevents Malicious software
  • Prevent intrusions

GeSWall firewall enforces protection just after install and it requires minimal configuration

Download GeSWall ( Gentle Security Wall )

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