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Defrag Hard Disk Fast With Free Defraggler

Defraggler is another FREE tool from the manufacture of CCleaner and Recuva, both of these programs has been on the top of their category.

Defraggler is another FREE tool which is quite fast in use and its operation, I have just tested Defraggler on my laptop it really saves a hell lot of time in analysing as compared to the conventional defragmentation comes embedded in windows


Just like windows defragmentation you can also schedule defragmentation on Daily, Weekly, Monthly with Defraggler.

Let’s see how can you schedule defrag with Defraggler and discuss what more features it can offer.

Schedule Defragmentation With Defraggler


Defraggler is better than the other tools in the market for disk defragmentation as it performs the defragmentation very fast as compared to other tools. It can also simply defrag the files you want without processing the whole drive.

Other Features of Defraggler

Defrag Individual Drives – Defraggler lets you defrag the individual files and folders which again is very time saving and usable when you want to defrag the selected files not the entire drive.

Defraggler is Portable – Defraggler is again very portable as it results in a single exe file after installation which you can take any where on your USB Pen drive.

Defraggler is Supported on all Windows – Unlike the other free programs for defragmentation Defraggler is supports almost all windows version released after Windows 2000 including 2003, XP and Vista. 64-bit.

Locate Files on the Drive – After analysis Defraggler lists all the fragmented files on the drive and by selecting them you can see their location. You can see the list of Fragmented files by clicking the view files button after analyse is complete.

Note: Defraggler is 100% completely free for both corporate and individual use.

Download Defraggler

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