Connect with TechnixUpdate Via Google Friend Connect

Google has made live their new service called Google Friend Connect, you can join Technix Update to Via Google Friend Connect to interact with other site visitors and readers

If you like to join click Join This Site join-this-site below on the Google Friend Connect Widget

Connect With Other Readers

You can use your Google Account , Yahoo Account or any other OpenID account for joining Google Friend Connect.

For Those who want to implement google connect on their websites should go to , if your blog is hosted at blogger it will quite simple for you to embed google friend connect on your blog.

For other Website which are hosted on some private server will need to upload two files – canvas.html and rpc_relay.html

As a user you can become members of various site and interact with the other members directly who share the same interest.

If you want to know more about google friend connect please refer their support here

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