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Drive Letter View – Change The Display Style Of Drive Letters In My Computer For XP / Vista and 7

Drive Letter View is a tiny little program which allows you to change the way drive letter are displayed on the drives under my computer,  you can choose in between 3 display styles for showing the drive letters or hide the drive letters from showing in my computer.


You can have the following layouts set for the drive letters to show in my computer

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DefectPX – Find Detect and Fix Dead Pixel On LCD Monitor

DefectPX is a free to use program which lets you find and detect dead pixels on any LCD monitor you have, this small utility can really come handy when you are purchasing a new LCD monitor, or when you want to check your monitor under warranty period for any dead pixel.


A dead pixel on the LCD monitor is that pixel which does not illuminate properly or does not display the correct color output. It may look like an annoying black, white or any colored spot on the monitor.

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Monitor ES – Power Off Monitor When You Lock Your Computer

Monitor ES is one such free utility which lets you to save a good amount of energy and money by doing some amazing tweaks on your computer including the following ones


One of the most important features of this small program is it allows you to turn off your monitor automatically when you lock your computer, this could save a good amount of energy. Moreover you can turn off the monitor display by pressing the hotkey (CTRL+F2)

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Save / Backup / Restore Windows Live Writer Settings, Blog Templates, Drafts, Plugins, Link Glossary and Blogs

Just in case if you are formatting your laptop computer and you don’t want to configure the windows live writer after on your new computer Windows Live Writer Backup is the best free tool which lets you backup all the windows live writer settings including configured blogs backup, plug-ins,drafts, posts, and lets you restore this backup on any other computer using the same tool


You just need to make sure that you have .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 installed on your computer to run this tool and it works with both 32 and 64-bit version of Windows.

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Fix FireFox Crashing Problem With Large Number Of Tabs Opened with Cluster Tabs

If you are web surfer or a web worker you may tend to open so many tabs in firefox as per the nature and requirement of your surfing habits. In the end the more the number of tabs you open in firefox makes the problem more worse for you as it makes firefox crashing problem with these large number of tabs opened.

Cluster Tabs is a cool firefox addon which comes to rescue in such a type situations and it makes firefox more faster and fix the crashing issue due to large number of tabs – it allows you to cluster tab web addresses with others.


You just need to follow the procedure as described in the image above to add more than one web addresses to a single tab to create a cluster of websites under a single tab entry.

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Gtalk Autoreply – Auto Answer Reply To Gtalk Friends

It happens when many time with almost most us when we are busy with some office work and a gtalk friend pings you but you cant respond as you are so much messed up with the work you are doing. So, it could be great if Gtalk itself has some auto reply which it does not provide.


But in order to solve this a developer named shobankr made a small software which can integrate itself with the gtalk installed on your computer lets you auto reply a custom text to your gtalk buddies when you are away.

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Title Fix – Hide Title In Internet Explorer – Set Custom Title In Internet Explorer

Title Fix is a free small piece of software which lets you change the text written in the title bar of any website opened in Internet Explorer. This means you can set any custom text on the title bar of internet explorer with this tiny application very quickly and easily.


It lets you write whatever you want to in the title bar of the internet explorer, this utility is completely portable and does not require any installation.

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Hide Page Title Text In FireFox Of Any Webpage

The Page Title Eraser (PTE) is a cool firefox addon which lets you hide title text of ay website you open in firefox and the favicon too of the selected tab. It provides more privacy at your workplace like office where you may want to hide the title text of the website you have opened on your office computer.


As you can see in the image above the title of the page is hidden and you can also hide favicon of the website with this extension for firefox.

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