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Better Memory Meter Shows The Remaining Laptop Battery In System Tray

Better Memory Meter is a cool free to use windows utility which will display the remaining battery on your laptop in system tray, it will report the percentage of the battery left in your laptop


It is very simple to use program you just need to run it through its portable exe and it will display the easy to read it has a lightweight design. We have tested the application on windows xp, vista an  wifi


Guest Blogging & Group Writing Competition on TechnixUpdate…

I have been here since 10 march 2007 till that time i have seen TechnixUpdate has been rising day by day in the blogosphere. I have made lots of friend bloggers in the same time interacted with lots of other bloggers spread over the blogosphere.

Before this “TechnixUpdate” was hosted on blogger then I switched to wordpress after being motivated by someone who helped me a lot.