barcamp blogging

Delhi Barcamp3 is coming very soon…3 days to go.

May be i am the last person to say about delhibarcamp3 which is going to held on 8th december at Impetus Technologies Noida.

Volunteering first time to be a part of such an event i have also put my name to be one of the live blogger’s there to blog the entire event live just on the spot so, it will be fun.

As per technology it seems to be good event where lot of technology related discussions are going to happen lets see 🙂

orkut proxy tips & tricks

Access blocked, banned websites like orkut, myspace, facebook from school or office part 1.

Almost most of us normally face the situation when we try access a particular website like orkut, myspace, facebook and any other banned website from school, college or office we get the message at the browser which normally says “This Website is blocked“.

So ,Today i will share the solution:

” How to get access to the websites like orkut , facebook and myspace etc. from your work location part 1. “

Well there are numerous number of ways to do this is to use some free proxy server address that you can hunt for but most of the time they don’t work and if they work you can’t use them for a long time

So one of the most effective method is to use some free proxy software like JAP (Java Anonymity and Proxy ) which switches the proxy server address automatically and lets you connected all the time.

If you like to know how you can use JAP for connecting to blocked websites check out here