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How to enable transparent windows in win xp, vista and win 2000 without aero glass.

In case of windows vista to run cool aero glass effects it normally require a powerful graphic card or some good amount of video memory shared on the motherboard and in case of windows  xp it is not even possible without some modified theme softwares like window blinds.

So, In order to enable transparency effects (aero effects) in win xp you will need a small freeware called glass2k  ,this software is suported on all the windows system windows 2000 onwards.

how to tutorials tips & tricks xp hacks

How to create shortcuts for shutdown, restart and hibernate in windows xp.

Have you ever wanted, To create shortcuts for the most common actions like shutdown, hibernate or restart on your desktop, so that you could fire up all these commands just by clicking a shortcut placed on your desktop.

All the operations shutdown, restart are nothing but a simple execution command for the system exe called shutdown.exe but with different parameter.

But this is not the same case with hibernate as it is a suspended state off in case of windows xp and it has nothing to do with shutdown.exe

how to tutorials tips & tricks xp hacks

How to deal with the situation – Removable drive is recognized but not displayed in windows explorer.

This problem usually occurs in windows xp when  a usb drive is usually plugged into a usb port but as some of the network permissions change overnight due to which the same drive that shown earlier as e: drive in windows explorer is not showing.

So now due to the network permission under E:\ and there is a conflict with the USb stick.

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How to read scraps of any orkut scrapbook as rss feeds on your mobile phone or pc without login to orkut.

These days orkut popularity is on its peak with its wide usage. In india itself it is becoming more popular day by day as lots of orkut users (some friends of mine) are more curious to know after every minute if they receive any new scrap from their friends.

So today i would like to dedicate this post for all those who want to know every second about any new scrap and this too with out being required to login to orkut.

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Top 3 ways to restore previously opened tabs in firefox after firefox crash.

There are so many situations when you have to close firefox and you are working on large number of opened tabs in firefox which you may want to bookmark or restore afterwards there are a number of options to solve this:)

  1. Use the Restart Firefox extension.
  2. Set Firefox to save all windows and tabs, every time.
  3. Set Tab Mix Plus to save all windows and tabs (if you are using the Tab Mix Plus sessions instead of the native Firefox one.)
firefox tips & tricks how to tutorials tips & tricks

Tweak and Hack Firefox with about:config to make it more faster.

Yes you can speed up your firefox in terms of page load time required for any website to open a specific page.

Here is a step by step procedure on how to do it:

1.Type “about:config” in the address bar without double quotes and hit enter or return.

Search for the following entries:

  • network.http.pipelining
  • network.http.proxy.pipelining
  • network.http.pipelining.maxrequests
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How to fix or repair the slow copy or move in windows vista to make it faster.

We all know that how much time vista takes to copy some files from one media to another and if you are copying a large file from a different media it will first waste most of the time  in calculating and allocating the disk space required for the copy operation.

So Today I am Going To Tell you how you can fix this slow copy or move operation in vista.

Various Methods For Solving the Problem Are: