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Take Screenshot From A Running Video

Free Video to JPG Converter allows you to take screenshot of a specific movie playing in it, that means you can save a specific frame scene as a jpg image from the movie at a specific time.


You can take the screenshots of your favourite movie scenes by clicking a simple button called Make Snapshot, so it allows you take snapshots from the movie at any point of time instantly by a single button click.

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Convert your power point presentation to flash for free

AuthorPOINT Lite is free utility which lets you convert your microsoft power point presentation into simple flash animations on which you can easily embed on your web pages.


With authorPOINT Lite you can easily convert any power point presentation to flash with any loss in conversion and there will be no loss in animation effects of the power point presentation after conversion.

Let’s find out how can you convert your power point presentation to flash.

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Release a used port by the application with CurrPorts

It happens some times when you install a particular application like skype or any other application which connects to internet through a particular port but that port may be used by some another application due to which the new application may not work properly.

In order to make the application work you will need to release that TCP/UDP port, you can easily terminate the program using that port by using a free utility called CurrPorts

CurrPorts allows you to close unwanted TCP connections, kill the processes which are using those TCP/UDP ports.


CurrPorts displays list of all the opened ports including the TCP and UDP ports, it will display some entries with pink colour which indicates the suspicious TCP/UDP ports owned by unidentified applications.

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How to Locate your stolen laptop computer with LocatePC

The worst may happen someone when their computer gets stolen and when its stolen then possibly their is no way to get it back, or to track where it is.


LocatePC is FREE software which lets you track and finally get back your stolen computer or laptop back to you. LocatePC sends you a secret email message from your stolen computer or laptop with some crucial information.

The crucial information will help to you to contact the law enforcement agencies to track the stolen computer and help you get your stolen computer.

Let’s see how can you protect your computer with LocatePC

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Surf anonymously with free opera portable USB browser

Most of us, got some what worried when we use public computer for some reason for browsing internet, as what ever we browse could be recorded by the browser at the host pc.

Some times when you access internet from a public computer there may be some security restrictions which won’t let you open some sites or may not allow you to download application.

Opera USB portable browser edition lets you browse internet anywhere anonymously without leaving any traces on the guest machine.


Let’s see what more is offered by opera USB portable browser.

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Know about unknown devices in device manager with unknown devices

If you open device manager in windows on your computer, you may see some of the entries under devices list.

There could be some devices in the list which are shown as unknown devices in device manager.


A small freeware called Unknown Devices lets you find out those unknown devices in Device Manager really are, so that you can install appropriate drivers for those devices

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How to get more productive with Email Prioritizer

Sometimes, you get some many emails into your inbox that it becomes almost impossible to concentrate on the work you are doing.

These emails may come from your boss, your office college, your program manager – all these emails are important but they continue to distract your attention every time a new mail arrive your into your inbox.


Email Prioritizer is cool free plugin for Microsoft Outlook 2007, released recently by Microsoft Office Labs which lets you stop outlook to receive and notify you about some new mails for a fixed time interval so that you can better concentrate on whatever work you are doing.

Let’s see what more you can do with Email Prioritizer