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Restore / Revert To Original Normal Icon Size In Vista

Recently one of the reader asked how can I restore the original icon size in vista back if it got changed due to some reason. Actually the desktop icons on his vista computer become so large that they occupy most of the space in desktop.

We all know desktop is the most accessible folder in any windows computer, it is the place where links to the frequently used programs and other important folders are placed. So, desktop becomes the most important and personal location for any windows user

In case of vista you can easily set a custom desktop icon size as per your needs and accessibility by the following procedure

Press Show Desktop in Quick Launch, now Press Ctrl Key on the keyboard and then press Mouse scroll wheel and move it forward and backward to increase and decrease the size if the icons


If you don’t want to resize the desktop icon size by the method mentioned above and want restore the desktop icon size to normal which is standard, then you can follow the step given below

Right click on the empty Desktop and Go to View, Select any of the three standard icons sizes offered in windows by default

Large Icons or Medium Icons or Classic Icons (as shown in the image below)


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I hope one of the above mentioned method will be helpful to solve the problem of abnormal size of desktop icons in vista

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