Rapidshare Auto Downloader – Automatic Download Of Multiple Files One By One From For Free Users

Rapidshare Auto Downloader is a handy free tool which lets you download multiple files from specially from download links.


It acts like a auto downloader for free users to download more than one files from rapidshare in one go, moreover it will keep downloading the incomplete downloads until all the links are downloaded which makes its best suitable free rapidshare downloader specially for free users.

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You don’t have to to anything to download any file from other than adding the rapidshare link to the Rapidshare Auto Downloader, it will automatically download all the files queued for you one by one.

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Some Concluded Key Features Of Rapidshare Auto Downloader

1. It supports three languages including English, Farsi, French

2. Check for new version of the program and automatically update itslef.

3. It will let you download everything you queued automatically one by one

4. It has a special auto shutdown feature

5. Keep downloading the uncompleted downloads until finished

6. When you click the close button it will keep running in the system tray and downloading all the files in the background without any user interaction.

Download Rapidshare Auto Downloader

6 replies on “Rapidshare Auto Downloader – Automatic Download Of Multiple Files One By One From For Free Users”

Hi guys recently i find about that good software and i was using it since last 2 days it was working fine but now when ever i try to download with that software it show me a window with message 1 and 2 and 3 and 4 etc, something when downloading start its complete after 2 seconds and when i see the file it was only 12kb but actual size was 198mb please tell what could be wrong with that.

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