Rapidshare Auto Downloader – Automatic Download Of Multiple Files One By One From For Free Users

Rapidshare Auto Downloader is a handy free tool which lets you download multiple files from specially from download links.


It acts like a auto downloader for free users to download more than one files from rapidshare in one go, moreover it will keep downloading the incomplete downloads until all the links are downloaded which makes its best suitable free rapidshare downloader specially for free users.

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Free Rapidshare Downloader For Free Users

Recently we had written about a free download accelerator for rapidshare free users, which lets you download more than one file simultaneously with out any time lag in between. Today we will tell you about another free rapidshare downloader which lets you download any fie from rapid share with ease. 

Rapid Download is fast, portable and lightweight download accelerator for rapidshare, the use of this rapidshare downloader is quite simple as you just need to copy all the links of the rapidshare files to be downloaded in a file called download.txt and double click the executable of the application rapiddownload.exe 


Rapidshare downloader is very small in size with only 14 KB in size, moreover it also checks whether the file as per the download link is still there on the rapidshare servers before downloading.

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Free Download Accelerator For Rapidshare, MegaUpload and YouSendIt

Universal share downloader is a free download accelerator which woks with almost most of the famous downloading sites including rapidshare, megaupload, yousendit etc which are difficult to use with lots of ads, waiting times, extra clicks and upgrade nag screens.

But Universal Share Downloader lets you download from these downloading sites in a convenient way and saving all the hard work as you just need to enter the download link in universal share downloader and it will download it for you.


Universal Share downloader is made to run with a large number of downloading sites, it can also integrated with in the browser you are using including firefox and internet explorer etc.