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Disable or Change CAPS Lock Key Function In Windows

Its quite frustrating when you are completing some important document and accidently the caps key is pressed again and again which disturbs the momentum of work. Actually as per a survey CAPS lock key is the most hated key on a qwerty keyboard.


Even I used to have this problem of caps lock turning on accidently many times on my old keyboard. However if you have any kind of problem related to caps lock key on your keyboard we have multiple solution for regarding the caps lock key.

These are some of the registry tweaks you can apply to change the caps lock key behaviour, if you are geeky then go for the registry tweaks or else go for the recommended free applications to solve this problem.

Registry Tweaks To Disable or Change CAPS lock Key Function

1. Convert your Caps lock key behaviour into shift key convert-caps-lock-to-shift.reg

2. Swap the functionality in between the caps lock key and the control key swap-caps-lock-with-control-key.reg

3. Change Caps Lock into a Control key: caps_lock_to_control.reg

4. Disable Caps lock key completely in windows disable-caps-lock-key.reg

Uninstall these Registry Tweaks

Remove Scancode Mapping and revert the caps lock functionality by this registry key revert-caps-lock-functionality.reg

Note: Improper registry editing on your own can cause serious problem for you in windows, so if you are not comfortable editing your registry, then some of the free applications mentioned below can help in your case to get rid of the caps lock key on your keyboard.

1. Free Caps Lock Changer – This small utility can change the caps lock to underscore, +, =, \, ?, ctrl, shift, alt,space etc   


Download Caps Lock Key Changer

2. Caps Lock – This small utility will play a notification sound when ever caps lock or num lock key in ON


Download Caps Lock

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