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2 Ways Abort Shutdown / Restart and Disable Remote Shutdown On Your Computer

It may happen sometimes when you are working on your computer and you suddenly see a message saying that this computer is getting shutdown with in the next 60 seconds and then if you don’t know how to abort the shutdown you will loose all your unsaved data after 60 seconds


This may also happen to you when you are working on the computer connected to your LAN network and some one just to annoy you try to shutdown the computer you are working on.(as shown in the above image)

So, In this article we will discuss all the methods and tools with which you can abort shutdown initiated by some else or any application on windows, this way you can prevent what ever closing of all the programs and loosing of data which you have not saved.

There are simple ways through which you can simply abort a shutdown with minimum effort required at your end.

The first method to abort or stop initiated shutdown of your computer is by typing a command at the run prompt and press Ok. We recommend you can also create a desktop shortcut for the same so you don’t have to type the command to abort shutdown again and again if this unexpected shutdown notification happens very frequently.

Here it goes….

First Method: Abort Shutdown Command Shortcut

When you see the shutdown notification screen with some message, quickly open Start Menu >> Run prompt and type

shutdown –a

and press Ok, that’s it done.

You can optionally create a desktop shortcut for the same, here is how to do it.

1. Right click on the empty area of the desktop and select New >> Desktop (create shortcut)

2. In the target box type shutdown.exe –a

3. Name the shortcut as Abort Shutdown or any other name you like

4. click Finish and you will see the new desktop shortcut which will act same as typing a command quickly

Note: If you are not comfortable typing a command you should better create desktop shortcut.

Second Method: Using the Abort Shutdown Utility


Abort shutdown is free utility which sits in your system tray, provided you have administrative privileges on the computer you want to prevent shutdown. When a remote shutdown request is issued against your computer and the system dialog pops up to inform you, you simply need to double click the Abort Shutdown tray icon shown in the system tray.

Download Abort Shutdown

In case you want to get rid these shutdown initiated by administrators on your network to which your computer is connected. You will need to remove rights for administrators to shutdown your computer locally – but this will work only if they don’t have any server group policy applied on the network.

1. Open Start Menu >> Run and type secpol.msc and press Enter

2. Navigate to Local Polices >> User Rights Assignments and select

Force shutdown from a remote system


3. Double click the selected entry, you will see another windows to modify this policy rule


4. Select Administrators and click remove and press Ok,

5. That’s it, now on the network to which your computer is connected no one can remote shutdown on your computer

If  for any reason you are not able to open local security policy on your computer, you run the following command at the command prompt to disable remote shutdown on your computer

Go To Start Menu >>Run and type or copy paste the following command in run prompt and press ok

cmd /c reg add “hklm\software\microsoft\windows nt\currentversion\image file execution options\shutdown.exe” /v Debugger /d “Disabled”

Running this command will automatically disable the remote shutdown

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