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How to get more productive with Email Prioritizer

Sometimes, you get some many emails into your inbox that it becomes almost impossible to concentrate on the work you are doing.

These emails may come from your boss, your office college, your program manager – all these emails are important but they continue to distract your attention every time a new mail arrive your into your inbox.


Email Prioritizer is cool free plugin for Microsoft Outlook 2007, released recently by Microsoft Office Labs which lets you stop outlook to receive and notify you about some new mails for a fixed time interval so that you can better concentrate on whatever work you are doing.

Let’s see what more you can do with Email Prioritizer

You can customize the time for which you want to set a Do Not Disturb Notice via Email Prioritizer

It also lets you Prioritize the emails you receive with 0-3 star rating system. This plugin for Microsoft outlook 2007 is quite helpful in getting more productive at crucial times, also lets you focus on the emails most important to you.

Download Email Prioritizer

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This is excellent, if it does everything as described. I am somewhat of an email addict, and it does affect my ability to focus on doing other tasks. This should be a big help in that area. Thanks for the info!

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