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Download Zune theme with colour variations

We have already written about the most famous zune theme for windows xp by Microsoft.

Zune theme always gives that classic windows xp feel but it never offers any customization in terms of colors. Some people might get bored by the orange coloured start menu in the traditional zune theme by Microsoft

Today, we have come with some beautiful colour variations in the zune theme by a developer Usman Akhtar named Zune Usmanistan


Let’s see what more Zune Usmanistan has in color to offer.

The Zune Usmanistan theme is like an extended version of the original zune theme released by Microsoft, you can change the orange colour start menu to many colours under the ‘Colour Scheme‘ menu on the ‘Appearance’ tab, in ‘Display Properties‘.

How to install Zune Usmanistan theme

To load this theme, we recommend to download and install TuneUp Styler 2, which is now a part of the award-winning TuneUp Utilities 2008.

Download Zune Usmanistan | Download TuneUp Utilities 2008

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