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Create huge fake file 10 TB maximum with Huge fake file creator

Some days back, I read a post about how 42 Kilobytes Unzipped Make 4.5 Petabytes. I was amazed to know how this 42 kilobytes of file resulted in a 4.5 Petabytes of data.

Yesterday, I found a cool small freeware called Huge Fake File Creator which lets you create huge fake files with any name any extension with size ( 10TB maximum ).


No matter what ever size of the file you specify, it will always take up 4KB from your disk space.


But when you transfer this file to somewhere it will look like a big file to the receiver.

Let’s see how can you take the advantage of Huge Fake File Creator in P2P sharing and Local File Sharing.

You can use such files for fake file sharing in case if you use some p2p sharing programs which demand for file sharing.

This way you can fool these programs or people connected your local area network and they can never dare to copy these big files.

[ Download Huge Fake File Creator ]

9 replies on “Create huge fake file 10 TB maximum with Huge fake file creator”

The reason that the file is only 4 KB is that the minimum size of files on Windows is 4 KB. The file data might be any size less than that.

That is not strictly true. It’s all down to the cluster size on the disk you are saving to. If the cluster size is 512 bytes the minimum file size on disk would be 512 bytes and not 4 KB.

In NTFS file system the cluster size is 4kb. how much lesser a file size be, the file system uses 4kb minimum for any file on disk. If you use Fat32 then the size used is less but the largest file that can be saved is less like few GBs.

This is a nice tool anyway. Might be useful someday.

heyyy it wud be cool if it works everytime i run it i get an error :”error creating the file ” i hope you wil cure it cause its really good software i feel!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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