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How to prevent your playlist in winamp from getting lost out

I have been using winamp from a long time as a music player, it is I think the best player which is free also, but initially when I use winamp for the first time I found a issue in it.

Let me tell you how does it happen.

I used to enqueue some songs from different directory locations ,and issue arises when  accidentally I double click on any .mp3 file due to which all the playlist which I collected in winamp got evaded in seconds and the only songs which remain there is that on which I have accidentally double clicked. It may have happened to you some time if you have used winamp.

Let’s see why this happens and how can we correct it.

According to the default settings in winamp, when ever you double click on any audio file (like .mp3) file it will play keep that file in playlist and erases the other files which exist there.

See the image below to you will see the settings with which you can avoid this problem from occurring.


As shown in the image above you will need to check the settings in winamp preferences under File Types which says Enqueue files on double click in windows explorer.

We hope this small tip would help you if you face the same issue, as after this settings checked you will never lose your precious playlist in winamp.


We had just received a comment from one our reader Mentor which tells us a trick to recover the lost playlist in winamp.

When you have accidentally clicked on some .mp3 file and lost your songs playlist then you just need to follow the procedure given below:

1. Open task manager by pressing ctrl+shift+esc

2. Click on the process tab and locate winamp, right click and end the process.

3. that’s it.

When you restart winamp you will get your playlist.

Thanks Mentor

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If you accidentally loss your playlist , by double click an .mp3 song , you can recover it. To do that we need to open windows task manager and go to Processes tab and find winamp.exe, select it and press End Process, confirm it, after that open winamp again and that’s it.

(for Win XP) You can also recover your last playlist from :C:\Documents and Settings\*USER*\Application Data\Winamp\winamp.m3u . That is only if you don’t close the player after losing the playlist, else you will re-write the playlist with the new one. Hope that helps.

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